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If I can figure out exactly how fast it's going and where it's coming from, we can fire at it and throw it off course.
— Tiff • Prediction Predicament - Part II

Gerath, is a large, glowing, red asteroid that appeared in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in the two-part episode Prediction Predicament.


It was first spotted by Tiff and Mabel when they were using a telescope within King Dedede's observatory on one of the towers of his castle. According to Mabel, Gerath was King Dedede's secret conscience, and the monster had been haunting him in his dreams (which Dedede thought was Kirby trying to burn him up at first) because he was denying everyone's request for him to build a playground for the kids in Cappy Town to play in. At this time, Gerath was on course to crash into Dream Land in at least a thousand years. However, Nightmare and N.M.E. Sales Guy were impatient and decided to speed up its course, giving it 48 hours to crash into Dream Land.

Kabu warned the Cappies that earthquakes would occur and volcanoes would erupt as Gerath neared Pop Star. The Cappies gave up hope upon learning this, but Tiff was not willing to give up any hope, and with help from Tuff, Fololo & Falala, Meta Knight, Sword Knight and Blade Knight, went to work preparing cannons to fire at the asteroid. Unfortunately, however, the cannonballs could not go anywhere near its surface and were thrown around by its gravity field. Just as all hope seemed lost, the group saw Kirby and Dedede being flung around by the strong winds caused by Gerath, and Tiff summoned for the Warp Star, which Kirby got on as he flew at the asteroid. Sucking up the cannonballs and spitting them back out at it, Kirby was able to stop Gerath from striking the planet and change its course, and Gerath flew back out of Pop Star's reach, much to everyone's relief.

Physical Appearance

Gerath is a perfectly round red sphere with a glowing red aura of heat. Its surface looks strikingly like molten lava, and it has a gravity field around itself that produces incredibly strong winds and can throw anything that gets near it around unless something is thrown or shot at it with a force too strong for it to do so to.


  • Its name is a reference to the 1962 Japanese sci-fi film Gorath, which is about a runaway star on a collision course with Earth.
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