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Your credit's no good here, Your Majesty. Your I.O.U.s always end up B.A.D.!
— Gengu • Snack Attack - Part I

Gengu is a Cappy in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He runs the toy shop in Dream Land that is known as Gengu's Toy Store. In the episode Kirby's Pet Peeve, he mysteriously finds a box from Nightmare Enterprises holding a toy that Sir Ebrum and Lady Like bought for Kirby while checking his inventory. Later, when the pet sacrifices itself to save Kirby from what N.M.E. originally programmed it to do to him as a final purpose, he tries making a replacement for the lost pet, but ultimately decides against doing so. Gengu and Tuggle play an important role in the exposition of Snack Attack - Part I, after Tiff criticizes them for throwing their stock away and harming the environment.

Physical Appearence

Gengu is a short, portly Cappy wearing an orange overall with a green pocket, having an explosion-like yellow shape drawn on it. He also wears a red, green and yellow visor with a red exclamation mark.


Curious and enthusiastic, Gengu, despite not being very clever, always cares about trends, such as making dolls with his own hands or researching topical items and making it as a product. Gengu is also shown to have skills as a mechanic.


Gengu's name comes from the Japanese word for toy, がんぐ/玩具/翫具 (Gangu), referencing his occupation.


I wanted to make Kirby another pet, but nothin' can replace the friend he lost.
— Gengu • Kirby's Pet Peeve
That's right, Tuff. This go-kart may look like a toy, but with a little modification we can turn it into- *gets interrupted*
— Gengu • The Kirby Derby - Part I
Then why don't we just do some testin'? Let's see what it takes to set off his temper. Here!
— Gengu • Sweet & Sour Puss
My store's runnin' like a well-oiled machine and I owe it to the Waddle Dees!
— Gengu • Waddle While You Work
I got an idea. It's about a robotic space ranger who defends the galaxy from bad guys, but at the end of the show, he finds out he's really just a toy!
— Gengu • Tooned Out