Gem Apples will ripen and be ready to be picked again 12 hours after a harvest!
— Tip • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

Gem Apples are items in the Kirby series, debuting in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.

Physical Appearance

Gem Apples appear to be Kirby-sized apples made of crystal. Their stems are normal, but the fruit itself is a mostly convex polyhedron consisting mostly of quadrilateral faces. They are normally red, but appear in a light green color when unripe.


Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

KSSU Cannon sprite This section contains information that does not coincide with the main series canon. (Similar)

Gem Apples can be harvested from the Gem Apple Tree every 12 hours, earned by completing Heroic Missions, or bought at the Shoppe. Buying Gem Apples uses real-world money (only 3000 Gem Apples can be purchased in total), and causes the Gem Apple Tree to grow, allowing Kirby to harvest more apples every 12 hours.

Gem Apples have a variety of purposes:

  • Buying weapons and armor
  • Buying Support Items
  • Unlocking Ordeals and Tough Quests
  • Restoring vigor
  • Adding extra time to a Quest after time's up
  • Reviving all KO'd heroes
  • Hiring Wandering Adventurers for a second time within a day.

Gem Apple Tree

The Gem Apple Tree levels up based on how many Gem Apples the player has bought in total.

  • Gem Apple Tree (sprout)
  • Gem Apple Tree (stage 1)
  • Gem Apple Tree (stage 2)
  • Gem Apple Tree (stage 3)
  • Gem Apple Tree (stage 4)
  • Gem Apple Tree (stage 5)
  • Gem Apple Tree (stage 6)
Level Apples bought in total Apples to harvest every 12 hours
0 - 5
1 50 8
2 400 14
3 1000 20
4 1700 30
Max 3000 450


Gem Apples can be bought in the Shoppe in various amounts. Some sets have a one-time sale, allowing them to be bought for less than full-price. Buying Gem Apples will allow the Gem Apple Tree to grow, allowing for greater harvests.

On Sundays, buying Gem Apples at the Shoppe awards the player with free extra Gem Apples.

Amount of Apples Price (USD) Extra Apples (Sunday only)
50 $0.69 ($0.49 sale) 2
100 $1.29 ($0.89 sale) 5
200 $2.39 ($1.69 sale) 10
500 $5.49 ($3.89 sale) 25
1000 $9.99 50
1500 $14.99 75
2150 $19.99 107

Kirby Star Allies

Gem Apples appear as part of Magolor’s moveset as a Dream Friend. Magolor can throw three at a time, and after landing on the ground, they will detonate after the player presses ↓ + B. They will grow during time if the player dosen't immediatly make them explode making the damage to the enemies bigger.

Related Quotes

If you purchase Gem Apples, the tree in the village will grow! You'll get more apples with each harvest.
— Tip • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
If you buy Gem Apples on Sunday, you'll get bonus Gem Apples!
— Tip • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe


  • The purchase of Gem Apples marks the first instance of an in-game purchase in the Kirby series.
  • On Sundays, one free Gem Apple is given for every 20 Gem Apples purchased.
  • The concept of Gem Apples may be a reference to the idiom "Money doesn't grow on trees," in which Gem Apples contradict this, being the main currency in the game.
  • The amount of Gem Apples obtained from all of the Heroic Missions is 2,824 Gem Apples.
  • The amount of Gem Apples required to unlock every Quest is 1,445 Gem Apples.
  • The amount of Gem Apples required to purchase every Weapon or Armor of a single role is 429 Gem Apples each (448 for Sword Hero due to the Susian Bolt Blade and Haltonium Helm). This means spending 1,735 Gem Apples to obtain all of the Weapons or Armor types for every role, or 3,470 to buy all Weapons and Armor.
    • The amount required to upgrade every Weapon or Armor of a single role is 881 Gem Apples each (975 for Sword Hero). This means spending 3,618 Gem Apples to upgrade all Weapons or Armors for every role, or 7,236 to upgrade all of both.
  • The amount of Gem Apples required to purchase all of the Champion's Codexes for a single Fragment is 280 Gem Apples. This means spending 840 Gem Apples to buy all of the Fragment Codexes.
    • The amount required to buy all of the Codex of Vigors is 450 Gem Apples.
  • The amount of Gem Apples required to buy out the Shoppe (excluding Potions and EXP Orbs, which aren't permanent, and the Gem Apples themselves, which are bought through real-world currency) amounts to 11,996 Gem Apples.
  • The amount of Gem Apples required to 100% Team Kirby Clash Deluxe is 13,441. As only 2,824 can be obtained from Heroic Missions, 10,617 Gem Apples have to be harvested from the Gem Apple Tree. This does not take into account Gem Apples obtained from the Shrine of Passwords (currently at 20 Gem Apples), StreetPass Adventurers, and from the Shoppe, or Gem Apples spent to restore Vigor, extend time in a Quest, revive everyone in a Quest, superfluous Gem Apples, etc.
    • Without buying any Gem Apples from the Shoppe, this process would take approximately 3 years, assuming the player is diligent enough to harvest almost every 12 hours.
    • Purchasing all 3,000 Gem Apples from the Shoppe on a Sunday will lower the amount needed to be harvested to 7,467; this will take 17 harvests to achieve, which can be done in nine days.