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In the desert, you're going to get trapped in a chamber with some egg-like creatures. They're called Gegs. And one Geg has a pull ring inside its body.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Geg is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a member of the Geg family.

Physical Appearance

Geg is a dusty brown egg with a hole in its face that reveals its brown eyes. It flies using a pair of insect-like wings.


Kirby Mass Attack


Due to events that occur in Green Grounds, Big Birdee and her family harbor a grudge against the Kirbys. This changes in Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon when the youngest members of the family, the Wee Birdees, are kidnapped by the Gegs. Big Birdee is grief-stricken by this. The Kirbys break the Wee Birdees out of a cage, defeat their Geg captors, and return them to their mother. This ends the Birdee family's dispute with the heroes.

In this stage, if enough Kirbys are KO'd that a Wee Birdee is left unattended, the player receives an immediate Game Over.

As an enemy

Geg appears exclusively in Stage 8 and 11 of Sandy Canyon. It is the weakest type of Geg. It has no direct form of attack. It flies back and forth and, after briefly expanding, explodes into dust. This defeats the enemy but obscures the entire screen with a brown layer for a short time, much like Big Toppy's dust storm attack. This Geg often assists other Gegs, making it harder for the player to identify enemies and their attack cues. The player must flick the Kirbys into Geg to damage it; the enemy cracks more and more as its health is depleted. It drops several fruits if defeated this way.


Geg's name is an anagram of the word "egg," which is what these creatures are based on.


  • Geg, Oro, and HR-H are the only characters in the Kirby series whose names are palindromes.