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Gear Spike is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Gear Spike is a yellow-white stone weight. It is cubic in shape with a rounded top and has two feet and hands carved into it. It has white eyes, puffy lips, and a brow carved into its face. Its eyes turn red when it ejects its 12 spikes. It also has teeth.


Kirby Mass Attack

Gear Spike and Gear Pawn appear exclusively in Stage 6 of Sandy Canyon and Stage 9 of Volcano Valley as minions of the mid-boss Great Gear. These enemies hang from chains and serve as counterweights to balance their master. Every time one of these foes is destroyed, the chain it hung from lightens and Great Gear turns. In order to expose his weak point, the Kirbys must destroy Gear Spikes and/or Gear Pawns in such a way that he flips upside down. If the player finds this too challenging, he/she can simply destroy all the on-screen enemies to balance Great Gear favorably. If Great Gear's weak point is revealed for too long, he summons more minions. Damaging the mid-boss causes the chains and any foes on them to fall to the ground.

Gear Spike periodically extends spikes to cover its whole body; any Kirby who touches these is instantly KO'd. To defeat it, the player must rapidly flick Kirbys into it.