Gaveela is an enemy from Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is a green dragon-like sea-serpent monster that resides in rocky crevasses waiting for its prey to draw near. Gaveelas make their first appearance in the stage Dungeon Dome. They have green scales, a white mouth, and beaded antennae-like appendages. They have a large, rounded snout which can hold large prey. They hide in walls, waiting for Kirby to come near, at which point they come out of hiding to try and swallow Kirby whole. Gaveelas are suited for both the land and even under the water. They can be temporally stopped by tapping them with the stylus, but will come back to their senses soon after.

Gaveelas have yet to appear in Dream Land ever since it was restored after Drawcia was defeated.

Physical Appearance

Gaveela is a prehistoric-looking serpentine creature with a blue-green body and a large round head. It has three antennae on each side of its head, each with a round blue bead on the end. They have short, stubby, clawed arms, and big eyes. Its full body is never seen. It shares this trait with Moley and other such foes.


Gaveela's name (and, to a lesser extent, its appearance) may be based on the gavial, a reptilian animal.


  • Gaveelas are essentially the spiritual successor of the impervious leech-like lizard Glom, a monster with a similar design, and behavior. Unlike Glom however, Gaveela can be stunned, while Glom was completely invincible.
  • Gaveelas heavily resemble and behave similarly to Chameleo Arm.



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