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So you don't remember? My mother was the Star Warrior Garlude!
— Sirica • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Garlude was a greatly-respected Star Warrior and Sirica's mother. She teamed up with Meta Knight as they went on a mission to reclaim the heavenly blade of Galaxia, which was forged by Photron while the universe was still young (and took them many years to make), and was apparently stolen by the great beast, Kirisakin. Galaxia was hidden in a dark cave, which the two had stumbled upon. There, the two were able to locate Galaxia. Kirisakin was hibernating as he guarded the sword around the clock. As the two approached the sacred sword, Kirisakin somehow woke up when it noticed them, and the two heroes fought against him. Garlude grabbed Galaxia, and, knowing that Meta Knight should be Galaxia's chosen one, was able to pry it from the ground and toss it to Meta Knight, although afterwards being slain by the beast from the back. Meta Knight picked up Galaxia, and, indeed, was able to become its chosen one, ensuring that Garlude was right. The masked warrior then fought against the beast to try and save her.

When Sirica came down to Dream Land years later, she thought Meta Knight just stole Galaxia for himself and left Garlude for dead as she perished from Kirisakin's killing blows, but when she was able to pry the sword from the ground, she also learned the truth about her mother and Galaxia, and therefore knew what a great warrior Garlude was to her last breath.

Physical Appearance

Garlude is a humanoid being similar in appearance to Tiff, Tuff, and, of course, her daughter Sirica. Her flesh and hair are colored light lavender, and she has a ponytail and wears a golden tiara with a blue gem, and wears orange makeup on her eyelids. She wears a light blue sleeveless dress, brown shoes, light green gloves, and a pink plate similar to Sirica's that, like Sirica's plate, also covers her chest and shoulders and has a yellow line running up its middle. She wears a flowing pink cape, has magenta pupils in her white eyes, and carries a sword with a yellow blade and a silver handle.


  • Garlude is the first and only known female Star Warrior.
  • Garlude is the second known Star Warrior to have a child (Sirica), and also the second Star Warrior whose child had a misunderstanding and a clash with Meta Knight believing him to be an enemy to their parents. The first was Knuckle Joe's father and his son.


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