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Garden Area is a strange area found beneath Dream Land by Kirby in The Great Cave Offensive. The level comes after the Old Tower Area and is the last area in the sub-game.

Despite being underground, the sky is clearly visible in Garden. This is reflected in the enemies, as almost all of the enemies fly. Some examples of these would be Capsule J/Capsule J2, Birdon, and Twizzy. The area follows a similar path to Crystal Area, as it splits into three paths.

The left path leads to a paradise-like area which leads to a large cloud with many puzzle rooms hiding treasure. The right path leads to a Scarfy-filled area with cannons. This proceeds into a water-filled area with a few Treasure Chests. The center door leads to a small, temple area with some ropes and Chillys. This path leads to the end boss, Wham Bam Rock. This is strange, as the rest of Garden Area was sky-based, whereas Wham Bam Rock is a deity comprised of rocks.


  1. Wintertime/Gold Watering Can: first room, activate Switch to open a hole in the wall, causing many birds to fly out. Enter the hole, and Kirby will fall right onto the Treasure Chest. Price: 250,000G/200,000G.
  2. Katana: second room, get past the wind coming out of the hole in the right wall; these are Copy Essences for Jet, Wing, and Ninja in order to do this. Jet can Store Power and use Power Save, then get to the right wall and either fall down if above or jump up if below, and use Jet Dash to go against the wind while holding up or down respectively to prevent the wind from pushing him back when the move ends; if falling from above, Jet hover up, then get all the way to the right before falling. Wing's Bomber Head ignores the wind (in Kirby Super Star Ultra), allowing the horizontal movement from flipping upside-down to move to the right if facing left; after rebounding off the ground, there is a brief period of time the player can control Kirby while not being influenced by the wind, during which the player can quickly press right to get more horizontal distance, then quickly face left again and do another Bomber Head to gain horizontal distance from the backflip; it should be noted that Wing's similar Condor Head and Condor Bomber techniques do not ignore the wind. Ninja's Ninja Kick also ignores the wind, so by standing on the platform above and being against the right wall, Ninja can drop through the platform and use Ninja Kick as far up and to the right as possible, allowing it to pass through the hole in the wall to the other side. Once the player gets past the wind and falls down, the Treasure Chest will be at the bottom. Price: 990,000G.
  3. Charm: third room, enter the left door to the fourth room. In the fourth room, continue to the left until above the waterfall. Fall through the floor and reach the Treasure Chest in the water. Price: 8,000G.
  4. Xmas Tree: in the fourth room, use Jet from Capsule J(2) to light the fuse, then get into the second Cannon, which will fire Kirby into another room. In this room, destroy the three Bomb Blocks closest to the Treasure Chest, causing it to fall down; don't destroy the lowest Bomb Block, or the other similar blocks next to it, otherwise the Treasure Chest will fall into the pit. Price: 40,000G.
  5. Kong's Barrel: fourth room, destroy the Star Blocks to the left of the third Cannon; in order to destroy all of the Star Blocks, a downward attack (from a Copy Ability or Helper) or Inhale is required. Once the Star Blocks are destroyed, destroy the Bomb Block, allowing the fuse to the Cannon to be complete. Go back to the right and activate the right Ignition Switch, then get into the leftmost Cannon, which will fire Kirby into the fifth room. In the fifth room, ascend upward and enter the door to the left. In the room, activate the Switch to the right to cause the Treasure Chest to fall; activating the left Switch will cause the Gordos to fall instead. Price: 1,500G.
  6. Ramia's Scale: fifth room, ascend upward and enter the door to the right. In the room, ride the moving platform to the top of the room, standing in the middle to avoid the spikes and Electric Shock Blocks. The Treasure Chest is at the top of the room on a platform. Price: 12,800G.
  7. Shiny Bamboo: fifth room, continue to the left past the Wing Copy Essence; fall through the left hole in the floor and then float upward to enter the next door to the left. In the room, float up and destroy the Star Block in the ceiling; in order to destroy the Star Block, an upward attack such as Plasma's Plasma Wave (or Plasma Wisp as Player 2), a Helper Super Jump (hold ↑ when above a Helper), Wing's Hover Flap (Kirby Super Star Ultra), or Inhale can be used. Price: 600,000G.
  8. Tire: fifth room, continue to the left, then ascend and take the path to the right to another door. In the room, use the Wheel Copy Essence to make a Wheelie Helper, then jump on top of Wheelie to become Wheelie Rider. Apporach the Switch, then use Rider Dash to activate it; upon landing in the pit, use Rider Jump to get out of it and avoid the ramp that will cause the player to collide with a wall. If done correctly, Wheelie Rider will pass the Shutter before it closes, gaining access to the Treasure Chest. Price: 1,100G.
  9. Spirit Charm: fifth room, continue to the left, then go down instead of approaching the Warp Star; pass through the area by the Sleep and Parasol Copy Essences and enter the door. In the room, walk to the left or right and fall down to where the Treasure Chest is. Price: 78,500G.
  10. Pegasus Wing: fifth room, take the Warp Star back to the third room. In the third room, enter the right door to the sixth room. In the sixth room, enter the first Cannon and either shoot right, then down, or shoot down twice, then right. In the Cannon with the Treasure Chest, the player can shoot right, up right, up left, or down left to be freed from the Cannons and reach the treasure. Price: 42,800G.
  11. Raccoon Doll: sixth room, take the Cannons to the left, then takes the down right path to the door to the seventh room. In the seventh room, to go the left and defeat Bugzzy; the Treasure Chest will be accessible once he's defeated. Price: 8150G.
  12. Shell Whistle: seventh room, continue to the left to the door to the eighth room. In the eighth room, continue to the left and destroy the Bomb Block above water. Jump into the pool of water where the Treasure Chest is, being careful of the bouncing Gordo. Price: 82,000G.
  13. Orihalcon/Orichalcum: eighth room, continue to the left and obtain Crash from Bomber. Activate the Switch above water using Crash, then swim past the Shutter before it closes. The Treasure Chest is in an alcove to the left. Price: 512,000G.
  14. Platinum Ring: eighth room, continue to the left and take the Warp Star back to the third room. In the third room, enter the middle door (that doesn't lead to the Save Point) to the ninth room. In the ninth room, obtain Cutter from Sir Kibble, then backtrack and cut the Rope to the left of the first ladder, fall down with the step, and continue to the right to reach the Treasure Chest. Price: 40,000G.
  15. Triforce: ninth room, descend the second ladder to the door to the tenth room. In the tenth room, descend downward while avoiding the springs. Drop through the platform near the door to the next room, then destroy the Star Blocks; the Treasure Chest is under the spring. Price: 800,000G.

Copy Abilities

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In the Super Smash Bros. series

Garden Area in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Garden Area appears in The Great Cave Offensive stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It takes up the left side of the stage.