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Gamugael & Kogamugael are a pair of characters that appear in Kirby's Dream Land 3. Gamugael wants Kirby to find Kogamugael and return him to her. To find Kogamugael, Kirby must proceed to the fourth room. The room will start to scroll upwards, and once it reaches the top, there will be a door on the right; however, there is a hidden door on the left which can be revealed with Kine and the Spark Copy Ability. This door can still be entered without using Kine to brighten up the area. When Kirby enters the hidden room, he will need to climb to the top while avoiding the Gordos. In the next room, he should defeat the Captain Stitch and get its Needle ability. After that, Kirby should destroy the blocks trapping Kogamugael and get it. If Kogamugael is returned to Gamugael, Gamugael will give Kirby a Heart Star.

Physical Appearance

Gamugael is a large brown frog with spots about the same color. Kogamugael looks the same but with no legs and much smaller (hence the name).


Gamugael & Kogamugael's names, ガムガエル&コガムガエル (Gamugaeru & Ko-gamugaeru), comes from the Japanese word for toad, がまがえる (Gamagaeru); the "Ko" from Kogamugael's name comes from the Japanese word for child, 子 (ko).