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Gabbel Moon is a moon that appears in Kirby Star Allies, where it is the fifth moon found in the final world, Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes, being the moon of Planet Towara. It is the 32nd stage overall in the game.

In this stage, the player fights Kracko and Twin Kracko. A rare Picture Piece can be found. The stage is set in the same environment as Planet Towara.

Stage Overview

Before the boss in this stage, the player must first traverse multiple sets of moving stairs. The first set of moving stars has a Birdon and a Two Face along it. Shortly after, the player encounters another set of moving stairs, this time with two Two Faces along it. The final set of moving stairs can then be found directly after the previous set, again with two Two Faces along it. If the player heads beneath the final set of moving stairs, they can find a Round-Trip Door, 2 Green Point Stars and a Picture Piece (along a set of moving stairs in the opposite direction).

Inside this Round-Trip Door is a challenge for the player against a Key Dee. The player must reach the bottom of the stage and grab the Key before the Key Dee falls off the stage. Along the way, the player must avoid four Two Faces, all on separate levels (1-1-2). If the player succeeds, they can open the path to two Picture Pieces, one Rare Picture Piece, a Walky and some Point Stars. On the right is the Round-Trip Door to return to the main room.

Once the player climbs the final set of moving stairs, they are greeted with a Reset Platform, along with a Wester, Parasol Waddle Dee and Como. Shortly after these is an Energy Drink inside a crate, along with the Door to the boss.

Proceeding through the boss door, the player encounters Kracko. Upon beating him, he then splits into two to create Twin Kracko. Finally, once Kirby defeats the two of them, he can move on, continuing his chase after the Jamba Shards.

Physical Appearance

Like Planet Towara, this stage takes place in a ruined, fortified tower with a purple and blue sky. There are candles lit with blue fire, and there are many protruding towers in background with circular gate-like structures. The ground is made of purple and white stone, although metal plates are attached to the ground all throughout the stage, suggesting the planet has been slightly industrialised. It appears the stage takes place quite high up as there are cliffs visible in the foreground.

Copy Abilities

KSA Beam Ability Icon.png
KSA Ice Ability Icon.png
KSA Mike Ability Icon.png
KSA Parasol Ability Icon.png
KSA Spider Ability Icon.png
KSA Whip Ability Icon.png
KSA Wing Ability Icon.png

Rare Picture Piece

Celebration Picture Guide
Super Ultra Battle! Fall through the platform under the third set of moving stairs. Enter the round-trip door and race the Key Dee. Defeat the Key Dee and take its key to the locked door.


Gabbel may be a portmanteau of "gable," the part of a wall that encloses the end of a pitched roof, and Babel, the name of a tower "built by a united humanity in an attempt to reach the heavens," slightly reflecting the game's motif of religious terms.