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Ride transports and convyor belts through the technological wonders of Future City. This place is packed with modern conveniences, but that's no reason to take it easy. Watch out for surging electricity, hostile UFOs, and pillars of flames, then take to the skies with the Saucer Metamortex. Leave the past behind you in the world of tomorrow!
— Official guide

Future City is the 37th stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and first in Space Land, the seventh world in the game. It comes after Evergreen Lift of Snow Land and precedes Tube Town.

There are several roller coaster tracks which make several sections of the level into automatic scrollers. The Saucer metamortex appears in this level. This is the only level to contain Space Jellies.


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Due to the split nature of several sections of the coaster tracks, two players playing through it together would make collecting every treasure easier.


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