Furniture are a variety of items found in the games Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Furniture can be bought from the shop in Quilty Square or found in the various levels that Kirby and Prince Fluff explore. Furniture is used to decorate Kirby's Pad. Certain furniture is also a necessity when trying to invite certain neighbors.

Furniture Bought at the Shop

Furniture can be bought with Beads from Chaise Woole's shop in Quilty Square. The price always varies and new furniture is added after the player defeats Yin-Yarn. The furniture purchased at the shop is split up into three categories: Furniture, Objects, and Toy Box.


Image Name Description Location Price (if applicable)
KEY Normal Chair sprite Normal Chair This chair is perfectly normal—hence the name. Given by Dom Woole N/A
KEY Elegant Chair sprite Elegant Chair This chair is quite elegant in its simplicity. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Sofa sprite Sofa This sofa is perfect for kicking off your shoes and resting your feet! Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Elegant Sofa sprite Elegant Sofa This sofa just might be TOO comfortable. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Normal Bed sprite Normal Bed This bed gives a good night's sleep, even in the middle of the day! Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Elegant Bed sprite Elegant Bed If you toss and turn, you'll still wake up in the middle of the bed. Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Floor Lamp sprite Floor Lamp If you need to light a whole room, this tall lamp works nicely. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Table Lamp sprite Table Lamp This can go on a small table…or in a neatly small room, I suppose. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Wall Sconce sprite Wall Sconce Attach this to a wall and BOOM! You got light on the wall! Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Ceiling Lamp sprite Ceiling Lamp Never eat in the dark. That's my biggest rule. There's just no reason to… Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Counter Table sprite Counter Table This cute table just screams for a little vase…well not literally, but you get me. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Round Table sprite Round Table This table looks good no matter where you put it! Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Table sprite Table This table is actually very functional, considering how low the floor is. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Display Stand sprite Display Stand This finely crafted display stand has patterned edges. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Small Dresser sprite Small Dresser This dresser only has one drawer. Be sure to fill it wisely! Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY TV Stand sprite TV Stand This stand could hold one of those really big older TVs. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Box sprite Box This storage unit is great for getting stuff out of the way. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Wardrobe sprite Wardrobe This wardrobe has double doors that open outwards. Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Large Dresser sprite Large Dresser This dresser is nice for separating clothes that don't get along with one another. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Fabric Frame sprite Fabric Frame If you want to display your fabric, get this. But why would you want to do that? Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Round Rug sprite Round Rug This round, pink rug kind of reminds me of someone I know. Hmmm… Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Rug sprite Rug I think a square rug makes a bold statement, don't you? Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Diamond Rug sprite Diamond Rug This diamond-shaped rug could also be a square-shaped rug if you turned it a bit… Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Round Cushion sprite Round Cushion This round cushion reminds me of someone, but I just can't place my finger on who… Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Cushion sprite Cushion This square cushion tells the world that you are totally cozy. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Seat Cushion sprite Seat Cushion This triangular cushion is good for making awkward corners comfortable! Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Long Cushion sprite Long Cushion This cushion is the perfect size for holding on to during scary movies! Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Long Mirror sprite Long Mirror Just prop this mirror up against a wall, and you're all set to look at yourself all you want! Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Round Mirror sprite Round Mirror The mirror needs to be mounted on a wall, or else it tends to roll around. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Vanity sprite Vanity This is a great place to just sit and stare at yourself all day… Or so I've heard. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads


Image Name Description Location Price (if applicable)
KEY Toast sprite Toast Like to decorate with toast? Then you're at the right place, my friend. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Coffee sprite Coffee This coffee was made with beans from somewhere sunny that I've never been. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Omelette sprite Omelette Someone put real ketchup on this fake omelette! Ha ha ha! …Oh wait a second, I did that. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Sandwich sprite Sandwich You know a sandwich has been made with love when the crusts are cut off. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Pizza sprite Pizza You like pizza? Well here's a pizza you can sit on or put on your wall. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Cake sprite Cake This cake is decorated with strawberries and blueberries. Berry good! Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Fruit Bowl sprite Fruit Bowl Wax fruit doesn't start bad, but it ends bad if you try to eat it. Trust me on that one! Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Turkey sprite Turkey You like leftovers? I sure do! Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Steak sprite Steak This fake steak has a pat of butter on top. You eat your steak like that? Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Sushi sprite Sushi Look, if you like sushi, just don't eat this. It's not actually food, OK? Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Old Clock sprite Old Clock Some call this a grandfather clock. Some call it an old clock. Some just call it a clock. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Wall Clock sprite Wall Clock This clock can be seen from anywhere in the room. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Alarm Clock sprite Alarm Clock You can't sleep through this alarm! Well, I did, but most people won't. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Rotary Phone sprite Rotary Phone This is a rotary phone. You turn the wheel to dial numbers. No, really! Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Phone sprite Phone This is a push button phone that has a nice video display on it. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Tube TV sprite Tube TV This classic only had one owner! Well, maybe two. Alright, it's old, OK? Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Plasma TV sprite Plasma TV This TV might take up most of the wall in your place. I'm sure that's OK with you, eh? Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Mini Fridge sprite Mini Fridge This is a nice fridge for snacks. It'll have a lot of space, too. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Refrigerator sprite Refrigerator You can fit a lot of ice cream in this freezer here! Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Sewing Machine sprite Sewing Machine My brother says that this is one of the best sewing machines beads can buy! Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Flower Vase sprite Flower Vase This elegant vase holds one flower. In case a bouquet is too much. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Bouquet Vase sprite Bouquet Vase Now take a look at this. The vase just explodes with life…and flowers, I guess. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Hanging Plant sprite Hanging Plant This hanging planter is good for plants that have a fear of the ground. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Square Planter sprite Square Planter This window planter really brightens up any sill. You got a sill? Put this up on there! Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Potted Plant sprite Potted Plant The leaves on this baby are nice and big. Just perfect for hiding behind! Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads

Toy Box

Image Name Description Location Price (if applicable)
KEY Bell Hanging sprite Bell Hanging This is a miniature version of the Bonus Bells that you see everywhere around here. Chaise Woole's Shop 8000 Beads
KEY Waddle Dee sprite Waddle Dee This is a giant cuddly Waddle Dee. Don't you just wanna squeeze it? Do it! Chaise Woole's Shop 2000 Beads
KEY Waddle Doo sprite Waddle Doo It's a giant Waddle Doo. I love these guys! He's got only one eye! That's pretty cool. Chaise Woole's Shop 2000 Beads
KEY Scarfy sprite Scarfy This is a huge, soft Scarfy. They're cute when they're like this! Chaise Woole's Shop 2000 Beads
KEY Bronto Burt sprite Bronto Burt This Bronto Burt is so soft! I wanna take him out to the park so I can watch him fly! Chaise Woole's Shop 2000 Beads
KEY Chilly sprite Chilly A giant Chilly. Don't worry--it's not cold. It's kinda warm, and a little mushy, actually… Chaise Woole's Shop 2000 Beads
KEY Bomber sprite Bomber This plush Bomber won't explode if you touch it. No, really…go ahead. Heheh… Chaise Woole's Shop 2000 Beads
KEY King Dedede sprite King Dedede This cuddly King Dedede has no idea what's going on! Just like the real thing! Look at him! Chaise Woole's Shop 5000 Beads
KEY Meta Knight sprite Meta Knight Meta Knight was pretty embarrassed when he saw this cuddly version of himself! Chaise Woole's Shop 5000 Beads
KEY Star Bed sprite Star Bed This star-shaped bed casts a gentle glow as you sleep! Chaise Woole's Shop 8000 Beads
KEY Basketball Net sprite Basketball Net Slam it, shoot it, and take it straight to the…thingie. Or whatever you kids say… Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Flying Saucer sprite Flying Saucer This UFO might still have some aliens inside it. I keep a sharp eye on it as much as I can… Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Dart Board sprite Dart Board This automatic dartboard was once used in an authentic competition. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Picnic Basket sprite Picnic Basket There's an entire picnic in this basket, complete with sparkling cider! Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Coloring Set sprite Coloring Set This could be the start of your brilliant career as an artist! You never know. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Steamboat sprite Steamboat This boat here is the envy of all steamboat enthusiasts. That was news to me! Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Rocking Horse sprite Rocking Horse You don't need to ride this to enjoy it! In fact, you probably shouldn't. Chaise Woole's Shop 300 Beads
KEY Car sprite Car This funky thing would be perfect for a summer drive. Will you take me? Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Train sprite Train This thing is capable of pulling a caboose! So, you want to take it home or not? Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Helicopter sprite Helicopter I've never been in one of these. I'm scared of heights…and helicopters. Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Guitar sprite Guitar These are good for people who can't afford electric guitars. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Electric Guitar sprite Electric Guitar These are good for people who decided not to buy an acoustic guitar. Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Trumpet sprite Trumpet So just push one of these three valves there and blow in it, I guess…it's loud. Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads
KEY Xylophone sprite Xylophone You may think it's a phone, but it isn't. It's not a phone at all. That's just its name. Chaise Woole's Shop 800 Beads
KEY Microphone sprite Microphone This microphone even makes me sound like a dreamy crooner! Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Taiko Drum sprite Taiko Drum This is a large drum used at festivals. I'm not sure about that, but it looks festive, eh? Chaise Woole's Shop 1200 Beads
KEY Snare Drum sprite Snare Drum This drum is good for marching. I dunno, you do a lot of marching? Chaise Woole's Shop 500 Beads

Furniture Found in Levels

Two pieces of furniture can also be found in all of the non-boss levels. These accessories are usually hidden behind Treasure Chests, but there are some other means of getting furniture like defeating a certain enemy or uncovering a piece of scenery.

Image Name Description Location
KEY Chandelier sprite Chandelier This chandelier is very simple and very elegant. You can't go wrong here. Patch Castle
KEY King's Throne sprite King's Throne You'll feel like a king when you sit on this gold-plated throne. Patch Castle
KEY Flower Sofa sprite Flower Sofa This cute sofa will always smell like a fresh bouquet. Fountain Gardens
KEY Fountain Fountain This fountain is perfect for any room…that is big. Any room that is REALLY big. Fountain Gardens
KEY Flower Clock sprite Flower Clock It's always time for a little sunshine with this timepiece. Flower Fields
KEY Frog Umbrella Stand sprite Frog Umbrella Stand This umbrella stand uses its magic frog powers to bring all lost umbrellas. Flower Fields
KEY Rainbow Arch sprite Rainbow Arch With this arch, you can see a rainbow anytime! Rainbow Falls
KEY Outdoor Bath sprite Outdoor Bath This bath is nice for bringing the outdoors into the indoors! Rainbow Falls
KEY Lattice sprite Lattice This lattice is covered in sweet-pea vines. Big-Bean Vine
KEY Cloud Pillow Cloud Pillow This cloud pillow is 99% fluffy with a good chance of sleep in the evening. Big-Bean Vine
KEY Carrot Dresser sprite Carrot Dresser It’s full of vitamins, but it might just turn your clothes orange! Mole Hole
KEY Tree-Stump Bed sprite Tree-Stump Bed Squirrels and lumberjacks can relax here peacefully. Just not at the same time! Mole Hole
KEY Telescope sprite Telescope This telescope is perfect for stargazing on a clear night. Weird Woods
KEY Log Cake sprite Log Cake This log cake looks like it has a cream center that tastes better than wood! Weird Woods
KEY Camel Sofa sprite Camel Sofa Sitting on this sofa will make you feel like a desert king of comfort! Pyramid Sands
KEY Cactus Juice sprite Cactus Juice Cactus Juice is an acquired taste. It has a kick to it! Pyramid Sands
KEY Stone Lamp sprite Stone Lamp Molten rocks emit a warm glow, but don't hang your coats here! Lava Landing
KEY Cartoon Meat sprite Cartoon Meat This meat is straight out of a caveman cartoon. Mmmm…Grog need fire! Lava Landing
KEY Crystal sprite Crystal This coffee-table crystal would be perfect for the lobby of a psychic. Cool Cave
KEY Frog Mirror sprite Frog Mirror Your head is not being eaten by a frog. It’s just a mirror, trust me. Just relax. Cool Cave
KEY Torch sprite Torch This flaming torch can really brighten up any dungeon, lair, or foyer. Dino Jungle
KEY Bronto Slide sprite Bronto Slide All this gentle dino wants is for kids to have fun sliding down its neck! Dino Jungle
KEY Pyramid sprite Pyramid Some say that this decorative object has healing powers. Temper Temple
KEY Camel Pillow sprite Camel Pillow This camel pillow has two humps. One for you and one for a friend! Temper Temple
KEY Magic Carpet sprite Magic Carpet This carpet has the power to fly! But it's much safer on the floor. Dusk Dunes
KEY Hourglass sprite Hourglass This hourglass uses stardust to tell you when the stars are out! Dusk Dunes
KEY Stuffed Bear Stuffed Bear This guard bear lost his post when he was caught napping on the job! Toy Tracks
KEY Tin Robot sprite Tin Robot This tin robot is a very expensive vintage item sought by collectors. Toy Tracks
KEY Mushroom Bed sprite Mushroom Bed This bed is made of springy mushrooms that make for bouncy naps! Mushroom Run
KEY Mushroom Lamp sprite Mushroom Lamp This novelty light looks like a big mushroom. Maybe it'll grow on its own! Mushroom Run
KEY Donut Pillow sprite Donut Pillow This delicious looking cushion would be at home in a café. Sweets Park
KEY Dessert Dresser sprite Dessert Dresser This dresser will make you reach for a spoon…and your elastic-waistband pants! Sweets Park
KEY Toy Piano sprite Toy Piano This piano may look like a toy, but it really has a solid tone. Melody Town
KEY Clef Tree sprite Clef Tree This tree plays a melody when you shake it. Just try not to overdo it, however. Melody Town
KEY Choco Ottoman sprite Choco Ottoman This ottoman is great, but what is it filled with? Cocoa Station
KEY Chocolate Bar sprite Chocolate Bar This floor mat makes me wonder why there aren't more giant chocolate bars! Cocoa Station
KEY Ghost-in-a-Box sprite Ghost-in-a-Box These toys can be pretty unpredictable…and scary! Dark Manor
KEY Pumpkin sprite Pumpkin This pumpkin looks great as a quaint decorative item! Dark Manor
KEY Sun Clock sprite Sun Clock This sunny clock gives off a warm glow. Ahhhh… Splash Beach
KEY Moon Clock sprite Moon Clock This moon clock gives off a gentle light and goes off once a month. Splash Beach
KEY Jellyfish Light sprite Jellyfish Light This light has one switch for light and one for electric shocks! Guess which is which! Blub-Blub Ocean
KEY Aquarium sprite Aquarium I think all of the fish are hiding right now…scaredy-fish. Blub-Blub Ocean
KEY Treasure Rug sprite Treasure Rug Feel like you inherited a fortune as you lie on this dazzling rug! Secret Island
KEY Totem Pole sprite Totem Pole This totem pole sports a few faces you may recognize! Secret Island
KEY Dangler Light sprite Dangler Light This thoughtful night-light goes out when you sleep. Deep-Dive Deep
KEY Mast sprite Mast Putting this in your room may lead to random bouts of swashbuckling! Deep-Dive Deep
KEY Treasure Chest sprite Treasure Chest This is actually a piggy bank! Don't let your pirate friends see it! Boom Boatyard
KEY Pirate Ship sprite Pirate Ship I hear retired pirates make these all day long! Boom Boatyard
KEY Anemone Sofa sprite Anemone Sofa This anemone chair look comfy, but it feels a bit strange…Go ahead, try it! Fossil Reef
KEY Fossil sprite Fossil This astounding fossil was discovered in an ancient sea. Beautiful! Fossil Reef
KEY Big Bear Bed sprite Big Bear Bed This cuddly bed keeps your head cool and your body warm. Snowy Fields
KEY Penguin Mirror sprite Penguin Mirror See yourself in this mirror that's shaped like an igloo that's shaped like a penguin! Snowy Fields
KEY Fireplace sprite Fireplace Keep this fireplace fed with logs, and you'll be happy for the holidays! Cozy Cabin
KEY Chimney sprite Chimney This chimney is stuffed with toys. Get a plunger and save the holiday! Cozy Cabin
KEY Knit-Cap Sofa sprite Knit-Cap Sofa This knit-cap sofa will tickle your head with warm fuzzies. Mt. Slide
KEY Snowman sprite Snowman This snowman won't melt at room temperature. Go ahead, take him. Mt. Slide
KEY Snow Clock sprite Snow Clock This delicate clock plays a chiming melody that sounds like snow falling. Frosty Wheel
KEY Snow Globe sprite Snow Globe It never stops snowing inside this globe. Do you see little shovels in there? Frosty Wheel
KEY Penguin Chest sprite Penguin Chest This sharp-dressed dresser can store all of your tuxedos! Frigid Fjords
KEY Sleigh sprite Sleigh Now this is a slay that is always ready for a snowy ride through the hills! Frigid Fjords
KEY Holiday Tree sprite Holiday Tree Just looking at this tree is sure to brink back good memories. Evergreen Lift
KEY Star Wreath sprite Star Wreath This sparkling holiday reef is shaped like a star. Pretty nice! Evergreen Lift
KEY Space Monitor sprite Space Monitor This is the kind of TV we'll watch in the future…right? Future City
KEY Space Table sprite Space Table This table from the future is rumored to make food automatically. Future City
KEY Digital Clock sprite Digital Clock This digital clock is easy to read even the lights are out! Tube Town
KEY Circuitry Rug sprite Circuitry Rug Ever feel like you're in a computer? Then this is the rug for you. Tube Town
KEY Communicator sprite Communicator You can talk to aliens on this. Just be sure you can afford the roaming charges. Mysterious UFO
KEY Space Food sprite Space Food These are replicas of real astronaut food! Space chefs must be really dry people. Mysterious UFO
KEY Star Candy sprite Star Candy This candy is imbued with the power of stars. It has an extremely intense flavor. Stellar Way
KEY Rocket Bed sprite Rocket Bed Sleeping in this bed may cause dreams of being a space case. Stellar Way
KEY Cosmic Bin sprite Cosmic Bin This transfers trash to a different dimension! The future is a great place! Moon Base
KEY Porthole sprite Porthole This window shows you what it looks like outside…in the future! Moon Base
KEY Saturn Stand sprite Saturn Stand The rings around the planet on this stand only glow at night. Outer Rings
KEY Saturn Donuts sprite Saturn Donuts These mysterious donuts sure smell like they're out of this world. Outer Rings
KEY Whispy Woods sprite Whispy Woods Someone has carved the face of Whispy Woods into this large tree. Whispy's Forest
KEY Apple Table sprite Apple Table This table has a nice apple scent. Beware if you're allergic! Whispy's Forest
KEY Bookcase sprite Bookcase You can arrange your books in here any way you want! Tempest Towers
KEY Pancakes sprite Pancakes These pancakes are piled dangerously, and deliciously, high! Tempest Towers
KEY Cloud Rug sprite Cloud Rug Lie down on this fluffy rug to feel like you're on cloud nine. Cloud Palace
KEY Bubbly Soda sprite Bubbly Soda This bubbly soda looks like it's filled with flavors! Try displaying it on a table. Cloud Palace
KEY Castle Dedede sprite Castle Dedede Someone put a lot of effort into this model of Castle Dedede. Castle Dedede
KEY Dedede's Robe sprite Dedede's Robe This luxurious robe is amazingly comfy, even if it is a little too big. Castle Dedede
KEY Palm Chair sprite Palm Chair The coconut on this chair is actually a very comfortable cushion for your head! Meta Melon Isle
KEY Ice Cream sprite Ice Cream This is an ice-cream sculpture from another tropical paradise I have yet to visit… Meta Melon Isle
KEY Galaxia Sword sprite Galaxia Sword Keeping this sword around will make you dashing and decorative. Battleship Halberd
KEY Knight Helmet sprite Knight Helmet Putting on this mask gives you a sense of mystery…and a sense of sitting in the dark. Battleship Halberd