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Fryclops is a chef Monster from Nightmare Enterprises who appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in the episode Hunger Struck.

General Information

Fryclops was sent to help take care of King Dedede's problem involving the Waddle Dees revolting against their own king in the episode Hunger Struck. His special ability is cooking Chinese food that, like that of Monsieur Goan, is just too good to resist. However, the food he creates is sometimes filled with Pufferzine chemicals that were previously used in the NME chips that neither King Dedede nor Kirby could resist eating way back - which means the food cooked by Fryclops can sometimes make anyone who eats it grow huge from eating too much of it. After being delivered to Dedede, he cooks up some Chinese food and the Waddle Dees love it so much, Waddle Doo offers Fryclops any favour and he and the others will follow through on it. Fryclops then orders the Waddle Dees to attack Kirby. Later on, Kirby and his friends eventually find many angry Waddle Dees within the dining hall, as well as Fryclops. Kirby swallows two of the Waddle Dees, but they do not give him any ability, resulting in him spitting them back out. However, sucking up a tied-up Chef Kawasaki's frying pan allows him to transform into Cook Kirby, and he and Fryclops compete to see who can make better food than one another. At one point, Fryclops makes a giant peking duck, which causes the Waddle Dees to grow huge upon eating just about enough of it. But Cook Kirby wins the competition in the end, making several Chinese dishes for the Waddle Dees, which they begin to enjoy even more than Fryclops' own food. Afterwards, Fryclops tries to cook Kirby, but Kirby gets the upper hand and manages to beat him with his frying pan, turning Fryclops into a fritter and destroying him in an explosion.

Physical Appearance

Fryclops is very humanoid in appearance. He is well-dressed in a red Chinese chef's outfit with black linings and yellow Chinese writing. He wears an apron and orange shoes and wears a red-and-green-striped hat with a black lining and a yellow pompom. He has a single eye on his face, as well as a brown moustache and a single tooth in his mouth, and he has swirly cheeks. He is also shown to carry both an orange ladle and a frying pan. Fryclops is very skilled in cuisine and can conjure giant-sized meals, although they cause the consumer to bloat up. When defeated, Fryclops turns into a fried chicken in his own likeliness before exploding. Fryclops is also one of the few monsters who can talk - most notably, the last monster able to speak without possessing people.


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