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Dash through the snow in this winter wonderland. Watch out for freezing geysers and swimming Sawgills as you coast across ice and water. Keep your speed up, and hit those ramps to soar across Frosty Wheel!
— Official guide

Frosty Wheel is the 33rd stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn and fourth in Snow Land, the sixth world in the games. It comes after Mt. Slide and precedes King Dedede. No Metamortexes are featured in the stage.

The surfaces in Frosty Wheel are all iced over, meaning that Kirby skates on his toes for a certain distance when he changes direction. This is also the only stage where Kirby can turn into his Sleigh form instead of the Car, since the surface is so slippery.


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There are several ice-geysers which could freeze Kirby if he walks into it, as well as several Ferris-wheels with similarly slippery surfaces. Near the stage's end, there will be several ramps. Kirby will need to dash in Sleigh form to jump off them far enough to clear the gaps.


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