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Witness the return of the icy blue armor, its frozen blade newly sharpened and ready!
— Quest Description (Tough) • Super Kirby Clash

Frost Kibble Blade is a boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Super Kirby Clash. It is Kibble Blade imbued with ice.

Physical Appearance

Frost Kibble Blade's body consists of a large, blue suit of armor with a double visor and gray lining. It has blue pauldrons with shards of ice on them, and yellow gloves. It wears blue, pointed sollerets with gray lining as well. On the top of its head is a large, slightly spiky, light blue cutter with a white top and an icy aura.


Super Kirby Clash

Frost Kibble Blade first appears in Super Kirby Clash as a Tough category Ordeal boss in the Seaside. It can later be fought as a Toughest category quest in the Grasslands. In Party Quests, it is fought as a Tough category boss in the Ruins. It is also fought as part of Team Frozen Stiff and Team Elementrio.


Frost Kibble Blade's main method of attack is its cutter. It can throw it forward and wait for it to return, or throw it forward as it then curves back over its head. It can also jump into the air and throw its cutter downwards to the ground. It can charge to the other side of the arena with its cutter pointed in front of it as well. Whenever its cutter hits the ground, it creates a mass of sharp ice that damages anyone on contact.

At half health, Frost Kibble Blade gains the ability to throw its cutter into the background, which slowly returns back to the foreground. It can also now wield its cutter and rapidly spin around the arena, finishing off by creating an arch of ice in the center that damages on contact. Lastly, it can throw its cutter in a curve up into the air, as it then curves back over its head and to the ground.

During later battles, it can noticeably charge at the player at a much faster speed. It also has its curving cutter attack at the start.

Related Quotes

A suit of icy armor appeared in the Grasslands! A giant, freezing blade chills the land!
— Quest Description (Toughest) • Super Kirby Clash

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