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Friendly Field is the first stage of World of Miracles - Planet Popstar in Kirby Star Allies. A rare Picture Piece and a Big Switch can be found. It is the first stage to introduce the Friend Circle.


Friendly Field is a colorful field with objects, hills, and terrain that are food-themed. Piles of leaves can be found alongside hammer-throwing (but also cowardly) Anger Maskers. Various things found can only be affected by the Cleaning ability, abilities with wind attributes, or Friend Abilities with the element of wind.

Copy Abilities

KSA Bomb Ability Icon.png
KSA Cleaning Ability Icon.png
KSA Cutter Ability Icon.png
KSA Sleep Ability Icon.png

Rare Picture Piece and Big Switch

Celebration Picture Guide Big Switch Extra Stage
The First Rival Appears after the Friend Circle sequence. In the room with the Bluster Cutter puzzles, at the top of the room, turn left and use Cutter Boomerang to blow away the Leaves, revealing a round-trip door and a couple of Red Point Stars. Dream Palace