When friends combine their power, they can become a full-steam train! It choo-choos right over walls, charging full-speed ahead. It's the Dream Friendship Express! Hop on!
— Flavor text • Kirby Star Allies

Friend Train is a transformation in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. It is one of the Friend Actions Kirby can use because of his exposure to a Jamba Heart piece.

General Information

In this transformation, the characters form into a line, and the leading character gains a train chimney in their head. By rapidly moving their feet in unison, the characters charge forward quickly. The Friend Train smashes through cracked walls or Durable Blocks, and launches any enemies it touches. It also has a gravitational effect on nearby items, drawing them in. Pressing the A button causes the Friend Train to jump, and holding the button enables a higher jump; this technique is necessary, as pits can instantly KO the team.

The Friend Train’s main attribute is its ability to drive on walls and ceilings, as well as on the surface of water. As soon as the Friend Train touches a wall at a shallow angle, it drives up the wall, and then follows any walls or ceilings along its path. While the Friend Train can still blow its whistle while on a wall or ceiling, it is unable to jump.

The Friend Train transformation is attainable in Sector B and in other stages in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!


Move Controls Description
Jump A The Friend Train jumps briefly off the ground.

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