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When friends combine their power, they can form a ring! This big hoop rolls down slopes, picking up items, and if you hold the jump button, the hoop will spring high—BOING! It's a great way to avoid gaps.
— Flavor Text • Kirby Star Allies

The Friend Circle is a Transformation in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. It is one of the Friend Actions Kirby can use because of his exposure to a Heart Spear piece.

General Information

In this transformation, Kirby and his Friends form into a ring. The Friend Platform launches that ring, causing it to roll forward invincibly. The Friend Circle smashes through cracked walls or Durable Blocks, and launches any enemies it touches. It also has a gravitational effect on nearby items, drawing them in. Pressing the A Button causes the Friend Circle to jump, and holding the A button allows for a floatier jump; this technique is necessary, as pits can instantly KO the team. The ring has significant weight to it, so pressing and holding the button with good timing is important.

This form is attainable in the stages Friendly Field, Heavenly Hall, and Jambandra Base.


Move Controls Description
Jump A The Friend Circle hops briefly off the ground.
Jump High Press and hold A The Friend Circle jumps high off the ground, remaining in mid-air for approximately one second.

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  • In battle, Hyness forms a Friend Circle with The Three Mage-Sisters (logs with wigs and hats resembling the Mage-Sisters when fighting Corrupt Hyness) and rolls around the stage as an attack. This is one of his longest attack patterns, lasting approximately 30 seconds.
    • The Three Mage-Sisters also can perform this move, albeit without Hyness, as a Dream Friend. The move wipes all enemies on-screen and must be charged over a time to be performed.
  • The Friend Circle almost always travels from left to right, except for its appearance in Heavenly Hall and once in Dimension III, where it travels from right to left.

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