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When friends combine their power, a friendship bridge appears! The key to solving certain puzzles is moving ↑↓ to adjust the route. This bridge might even help you guide you-know-who!
— Flavor text • Kirby Star Allies

The Friend Bridge is a Transformation in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. It is one of the Friend Actions Kirby can use as a result of his exposure to a Heart Spear piece.

General Information

The Friend Bridge is a transformation used solely for solving puzzles involving Key Dees. When the player and three friends stand on a Friend Bridge Friend Platform, they jump into a stack, then hurl themselves into a nearby chasm to bridge it. The Star Allies line up horizontally head to feet, with the two friends in the outer positions holding onto the walls and shimmying to move the bridge up and down as needed. During the transformation, all the characters are surrounded by sparkly, multi-colored stars, and they are connected to each other by a thin, cosmic trail.

Once the Friend Bridge forms, a Key Dee spawns, who will run onto the bridge. Key Dees run straight ahead, even off of ledges, until they hit an obstacle, at which point they turn around and run the other way; as a result, it is necessary for the player to move the Friend Bridge up and down accordingly to guide the Key Dee to its respective locked door. If the Key Dee is killed, the player can activate the Friend Platform as many times as they like to try the puzzle again.

Friend Bridge segments often occur in groups of two, with the second one immediately following the first and expanding on the challenge that the first puzzle introduced. If a Key Dee reaches its locked door, it will disappear off-screen, and the Star Allies will jump upwards before teleporting through the newly-opened door; if the puzzle is failed, however, the characters will teleport back to the Friend Platform they started from. A Rare Picture Piece is often rewarded for successful completion of a Friend Bridge puzzle.

The Friend Bridge transformation is introduced in Echo's Edge, and afterwards can be accessed in the stages Eastern WallHeavenly Hall, and Planet Misteen.


Move Controls Description
Move up The Friend Bridge moves up slowly.
Move down The Friend Bridge moves down slowly.

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  • When a Key Dee runs on top of the player's character, if HD Rumble is enabled, the Joy-Con will rumble to simulate the Key Dee's footsteps.

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