The Free Star is an Air Ride Machine in Kirby Air Ride. It is a rideable machine that can only be used in the Top Ride mode of the game. The control stick is used to control it by pointing it in the direction that the player wishes to travel, relative to the fixed overhead camera. It is red and white colored, a partial opposite of the Steer Star. There is no stamina difference between the Free Star and the Steer Star.


  • The Free Star looks very similar to the Air Ride Machine seen in the trailer for Kirby's Air Ride.
  • In Air Ride and City Trial modes, the Steer and Free Stars can only be accessed if the debug menu is employed via hacking. In these modes, both the Steer and Free Stars have the same statistics as the Warp Star, likely as a placeholder. It is unknown whether the Steer and Free Stars were at one point planned to be accessible in these other modes, or if their functionality in debug mode is merely a consequence of how the game's programming handles slots for machine/character selection.



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