Cruise around any course and set new records! (1 player)
— Description • Kirby Air Ride

Free Run is a mode in Kirby Air Ride, allowing infinite time and access to all machines. The main purpose of Free Run is to just roam around and play with friends, but there are some Checklist achievements that must be completed in this mode.

Each of the three game modes in Kirby Air Ride (Air Ride, Top Ride and City Trial) contain a Free Run mode.

Alternate music tracks cannot be played in any of the Free Mode versions of Air Ride or Top Ride.

Air Ride

There is a choice of either Time Attack or Free Run. Time Attack requires the player to do a set number of laps with set enemy spawns at fixed locations at fixed timings. Certain Checklist tasks require the player to do this on a specific course on a specific machine as well.

In Free Run, the player can race around the course as long as he or she wishes, and may attempt to complete some Checklist tasks specific to Free Run.

Checklist tasks

There are 48 tasks in the Air Ride checklist that must be completed in Free Run mode: 24 in Time Attack and 24 in Free Run.

Top Ride

Like in Air Ride, the player can choose from Time Attack and Free Run. Time Attack has the player racing alone through any of the tracks for five laps, trying to get the fastest time.

Free Run mode has no time limit. Every time a lap is finished, a ghost appears, moving in the same path that the player did during his or her best lap. There are tasks in the Checklist which require the player to complete a lap within a certain time limit in Free Run for each course.

Checklist tasks

30 of the 120 Top Ride tasks must be completed in Free Run mode.

City Trial

When Free Run is selected from the menu, a choice of all the vehicles (including the legendary machines, King Dedede and Meta Knight if they have been unlocked) will appear for the player. After selecting a machine and going into the city, the player can freely roam the city. During this mode, the timer increases instead of decreasing, and no boxes, items, or events will appear. All of the machines the player has unlocked can be found in the underground room beneath the city, near the starting area.

There is a requirement in the Checklist for clocking a certain length of time in a free run event, but this does not require the player to be moving or on a machine.

Checklist tasks

Only 4 of the 120 City Trial tasks are to be completed in Free Run mode.