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Jump through hoops as you leap from floating pockets of water, and collect the beads hidden in this underwater cavern. Watch out for swarming Cutfish, and Surge Attack your way through Fossil Reef!
— Official guide

Fossil Reef is the 29th stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It is the second unlockable and last stage in Water Land, the fifth world in the games. It comes after Boom Boatyard and precedes Snowy Fields of Snow Land.

This is the most unusual of the locations in Patch Land. It takes place at the surface of the ocean, but it is less sunny than the rest of Water Land. Water floats freely up and down through the air, as if there are gravitational anomalies in the area, although Kirby is not affected. Tall spires of rock pierce the sky, and waterfalls from up top spill water down to the sea far below. The Dolphin metamortex transformation features in the stage.

Fossil Reef shares the same theme background music as Deep-Dive Deep.


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