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No! Let me go, you creep! I don't wanna be sent to hurt anybody!
— Fofa • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Fofa is the true form of Fololo & Falala. He is a miniature purple being with white shoes and gloves, with a small tuft of blonde hair similar to Jukid's. Fofa was a peaceful monster who detested violence, and his only ability is to float effortlessly in the air. The N.M.E. Sales Guy deemed Fofa useless due to his inability to pose anything remotely resembling a threat to anyone, and had Slice n' Splice divide him into two as punishment.

Fololo and Falala were then sold to King Dedede for a two-for-one deal. The king also found the two weak and threw them down to Sir Ebrum and Lady Like. In The Fofa Factor, Slice n' Splice's dialogue reveals Fololo and Falala's past when he recalls the two of them from his own past, and Fololo and Falala now understand why they have always gotten along so well, and are both very happy to hear that they were once the same being. The two want to become one again more than anything after getting the Sun Rod from Slice n' Splice, but still decide to re-unite Kirby with it first. After Kirby destroys Slice n' Splice, Tiff takes the Sun Rod and gets ready to merge the duo, now holding hands. But just then, the remains of Slice n' Splice explode, and the Sun Rod dissipates. Tiff feels bad that Fofa is gone for good, but Fololo and Falala reassure her that they are happy just the same.


Fofa's name is composed of the first syllables of Fololo's and Falala's names, as Fofa is the origin of Fololo and Falala. In Japan, it is named Lola as its name is composed of the first syllables of Lololo's and Lalala's names.


  • Fofa is one of the few monsters that can talk. Although he can talk, he has no mouth. Despite this, nearly every other monster has a mouth but cannot talk.