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Flower Power is the 18th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. This episode is notable for the appearance of the Pukey Flower and the first appearance of the Needle ability.


King Dedede fools Kirby into Inhaling a Noddy, which causes him to fall asleep for a hundred years. Will Tiff, Tuff, Meta Knight, Fololo and Falala find a way to wake him up?


Episode Summary

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While shopping at the convenience store, Kirby inhales a Noddy released by King Dedede and falls asleep. Tiff, Tuff, Fololo & Falala take him into a forest to find the mysterious Pukey Flower while trying to survive the dangers of the forest. On the way down the river towards the forest, Tuff leaps into the boat, causing Tiff to be chucked out into the water. Fololo and Falala join Tuff on the boat, which speeds up down the river leaving Tiff struggling to swim. At that moment, a rope is dropped in front of her and she grabs it, looking up she sees Meta Knight holding the rope from a tree branch. The trio arrives in the forest with Kirby in Tuff's backpack. Fololo and Falala move on ahead due to Tuff becoming tired because of Kirby on his back. He refuses their help to carry Kirby and carries on walking. After a short distance, Tuff trips up and drops Kirby, who roll out of sight. Tuff goes searching for him and sees him trapped in a large Como web. Como attempts to wrap Kirby up ('like a Taco' according to Tuff), panicked, Tuff picks up a twig and throws it at Como. The twig misses but a stone flies in from another angle and hits Como cheek, causing Como to withdraw. Tuff believes he was the one who drove Como and boasts to Fololo and Falala about it as he unties Kirby from the web.
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A Woken up Kirby

After surviving a horde of bees, sinking in quicksand, fighting a giant snake, and navigating a dark cave, (which Tuff takes credit for) the trio reaches the cave where the flower grows. They venture inside and find the flower sitting at the end bathed in Moonlight. As they approach the flower opens up, revealing the petals of the Pukey Flower, and Tuff heads towards it to get one. As he does so, carnivorous plants (looks like a venus fly trap) sprout and attack them, capturing the trio in their vines. Just then, Meta Knight, who had saved them all 4 times, appears and frees them all. Tiff, who was with him, asks Tuff if he only came here to prove he was brave, to which Tuff walks off in a huff, declaring that Meta Knight is the real hero. As Meta Knight fights the plants, one of the fly traps disarms him. Without Galaxia to aid him, he pries open the plant's mouth in order to avoid being eaten by the plant. While Meta Knight holds his own against 1, the others look on in horror as more plants sink their 'fangs' into Meta Knight, but he still bravely holds his position. As Tiff criticizes him for his selfishness, Tuff sees Kirby stir slightly in his sleep, dreaming about the picnic he's been waiting for. In an act of bravery, Tiff leaps towards the Pukey Flower and picks one of its petals. The plant shrieks and withdraws its fangs from a battered Meta Knight. Kirby catches the scent of the petal and wakes up, spitting Noddy into the mouth of a nearby fly trap. He then inhales some spikes from the plant and transforms into Needle Kirby. Kirby defeats the plant and Tuff admits his friendship to Kirby. Meta Knight proudly admits that Tuff is a brave warrior and a very very good friend to Kirby.

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Changes in the dubs

  • In the cave when Kirby is daydreaming, he says "picnic". This was quieter in the dub.


  • The ongoing gag is that Kirby holds onto a chocolate bar throughout the entire episode.
  • It may be a reference to Sleeping Beauty when it states that Kirby inhaled Noddy and said Kirby is asleep for 100 years.