Floria is the grass star of the nearby galaxy in Milky Way Wishes, a sub-game in Kirby Super Star (and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra). Of the Milky Way Wishes Planets, it's the closest to Pop Star, and it precedes Aquarius. It is shaped in such a way for the four seasons of the star to be in constant change, and it is this difference that Kirby must use to get through the level. From afar, it seems that only Floria's northern hemisphere is habitable, or the only place where plant life chooses to grow.

As a level, the stage is very different from every other part of Kirby Super Star. The entire place is only one very long room. However, if Kirby enters a door, he will re-enter the stage in the exact location, but the season in Floria will have changed. The level is a giant puzzle where Kirby must make use of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter to advance further into the stage, as well as finding the Copy Essence Deluxes.

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  • The idea of when the player enters a door and the season changes was later reused in certain stages of The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but they switch between day and night instead of the four seasons, and they had to go through a door with an arrow pointing up or down.
  • This is the only mandatory planet in Milky Way Wishes that doesn't have a mini boss.
  • Kirby can go to the fight with Twin Woods with either Autumm or Winter. However, Twin Woods always have a Autumn theme.
  • This level's theme of "four seasons" was also the possible reason of "Click Clock Wood" in Banjo-Kazooie for N-64.
  • The name Floria most-likey came from the state Florida
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