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Floralia is the main setting of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It consists of six floating islands, which happen to be the six worlds of the game.

Fine Fields

Fine Fields is the first island in Floralia, it is a colorful plain with lots of flowers. It's boss is Flowery Woods.

Lollipop Land

Lollipop Land is the second island in Floralia, it is a food themed world with factories on some segments. Paintra is the boss of this island, located in an art gallery.

Old Odyssey

Old Odyssey is the third island in Floralia, it is made of different segments, all of which are different from the previous sections, the first part takes place in a plain, which has trains piloted by Waddle Dees, the second part takes place in a rocky area during sunset, the third and final part is on a snowy mountain. The boss of this island is Kracko, located in the sky.

Wild World

Wild World is the fourth island in Floralia, it is a pyramid and jungle themed world. It's boss is Coily Rattler, located in a very deep part of the pyramid located at the end of the island.

Endless Explosions

Endless Explosions is the fifth island in Floralia, it is a fire themed world with a lot of active volcanoes. It's boss is Pyribbit, which is on top of a volcano.

Royal Road

Royal Road is the sixth and final island of the game, it is a castle and mechanical themed world. It's boss is Queen Sectonia, who is preceded by Masked Dedede.

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