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Flare is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Flare is a yellow sphere with a very scowling glare and white horns with red stripes. It has red facial tattoos surrounding its eyes for decor and to make it look menacing.


Kirby Mass Attack

Flare appears exclusively in Stages 1 and 5 of Volcano Valley. It has a fireball that revolves around its body, which discourages the Kirbys from attacking it. The enemy spits fireballs at the heroes in an attempt to set them on fire; if the attack hits, the flaming Kirbys must douse themselves with water to avoid disintegrating. The player must have good timing and a few Kirbys to defeat the enemy unscathed.

Like other fiery enemies in Volcano Valley, it is extremely vulnerable to water of all kinds. When hydrated, it turns light blue and becomes stunned. It can then be defeated in less than a second by a single Kirby. Flare illuminates darkness, meaning the Kirbys can use it as a torch in one particular area of Stage 5.


The name フレイル (Fureiru) may derive from flare (フレア furea), flame (フレイム fureimu), or flail.