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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the enemy from Kirby Air Ride. For the similarly named enemy from Kirby's Dream Land, see Flapper.

Flappy is an enemy that has so far only appeared in Kirby Air Ride. Flappy won't actively attack Kirby, but it may trail behind him. If Kirby inhales Flappy, he gets the Wing Copy Ability.

KKCancelled.png This section is about an unreleased or cancelled game

It had been seen in promotional material for the unreleased Kirby GCN that Flappy was designated to be the Helper for the Wing ability. In the game, Kirby would have been able to ride Flappy the same way he mounts a Wheelie Bike in Kirby Air Ride or a Wheelie in Kirby Super Star. In the trailer, it behaved similar to Birdon.

Physical Appearance

Flappy is a green flying lizard-like creature resembling some sort of pterosaur with feathers covering its wings and chest. It has large pink, green, and yellow wings and a small heart-shaped multicolor tail. It also has a pointed crest on its head. It also has bold rosy cheeks and big shiny blue eyes with eyelashes. Flappy's feet are pink and on the front of its feet, there lies a single claw on each foot.

While Flappy appears exclusively green in Kirby Air Ride, the one seen in the screenshot of Kirby GCN was pink.


  • When Landia splits into four small dragons, each one's body bears a minor resemblance to Flappy; they both have a small body, disproportionately large head, small tail, wings without arms or hands, blue eyes, and stubby feet with one claw on each.
    • The two are also similar because Kirby rides both of them (however, Kirby only rides Flappy in a screenshot of Kirby GCN).