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Flapbon is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a variant of Beanbon.

Physical Appearance

Flapbon resembles a Beanbon in its body type, eyes, and innocent expression. Its body is a pinkish brown color, with two green stripes on each cheek. Its defining characteristic is the green propeller on its head. Unlike its normal counterpart, it doesn't have any feet.


Kirby Mass Attack

Flapbon appears exclusively in Stages 1 and 4 of Volcano Valley. It hides in the ground, pretending to be a sprouting plant. When the Kirbys approach, it flies into the air and hovers around. It turns red and grows, then drops a Beanbon to attack the heroes. It continues to do this as long as it is left undefeated, so destroying the enemy quickly is the safest strategy. Despite its small size, Flapbon has high endurance; an attack from a large group of Kirbys or several attacks from a small group can defeat it.

In Stage 4, Flapbon releases a pair of Zombons or a Big Zombon with each drop. It only appears in the upper route that the Kirbys can access by skipping the large cobweb at the end of the first section.


  • Flapbon bears a passing resemblance to Foley or Propeller.
  • It is the only variant of Beanbon that is neither undead or a larger version of it.