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Shotzos attack by spitting flames. Rainbow lines can protect Kirby from them.
— Enemies • Kirby: Canvas Curse Instruction Booklet

Flame Shotzos are a variety of Shotzo that spews flames rather than bullets. They appeared in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Flame Shotzos are invincible, and cannot be stunned with the stylus.

Physical Appearance

Flame Shotzos are mechanical flamethrowers made from a reflective metal. They consist of a circular base, and on top of that, a dome-like covering resembling a welding helmet. There is a thin, rectangular opening on the front of the dome, likely to allow the Flame Shotzos to see, though they have no other facial features. The base and the bottom of the dome are a dark blue, whereas the top of the dome is black.

When Flame Shotzos are about to spew flame, they raise their dome to reveal the actual flamethrower, a small, segmented tube; additionally, their color scheme switches from blue and black to orange and light red.


Kirby: Canvas Curse

Like regular Shotzos, Flame Shotzos are immobile. Regardless of whether Kirby is nearby, Flame Shotzos continuously attack. After a couple seconds of inactivity, they will quickly open and shut their dome, then open it completely, preparing to fire. When they are charged up, they shoot flames that have a moderate range and a width that increases the farther the flames go. After a few seconds of attacking, the Flame Shotzo will stop firing and close its dome, repeating the cycle. Although the fire lasts for a relatively long time, it can be safely blocked with rainbow lines drawn by the Magical Paintbrush