If a flag falls to a lower level, you can grab it and run it around the field!
— Battle rules • Kirby Battle Royale

The flag is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale.

Physical Appearance

Flags consist of a base, a flagpole, and the actual fabric. They come in red or blue varieties, depending on which team the flag represents. The base is a wireframe pyramid, yellow around the four bottom corners and the circular cap, and either blue or red everywhere else. The flagpole, which runs vertically through the cap of the base, is black in color, and appears to be made from a reflective material. Finally, the flag itself is a triangular piece of fabric, situated with its bottom corner above the base's cap and its top corner touching the top of the flagpole. A white triangle is inscribed on the flag close to the edges, but apart from that feature, the flag is entirely blue or red.

Double flags have the same appearance as regular flags, with the exception that they have two flags positioned inside the cap instead of only one; one of the flags is situated vertically, while the other is slanted forward at a slight angle.

Conjoined flags, in turn, have the same appearance as double flags, but consist of a blue and red double flag joined together at a vertex.


Kirby Battle Royale

Flags appear exclusively in the Flagball game mode. The player's objective is to toss the ball into the red flag, while trying to prevent opponents from doing the same with the blue flag. At the start of every round, two flags appear: a blue flag on a platform above the player's team, and a red flag on a platform above the opponent's team. Every time a flag is scored, the flag breaks away from its pyramidal base and flies away, the respective team receives one point, and the next round begins.

Once either team reaches three points, the flags will drop down onto a lower platform, and they will turn into double flags for the remainder of the match. Double flags behave exactly like regular flags, with the difference that they grant two points instead of one when scored. Occasionally, the double flags will join together to create a conjoined flag. Conjoined flags also act like double flags, but either team can score on them.

The player can pick up flags with the R button, and throw them with the B button. The player may either pick up their own flag and carry it around in an attempt to make it harder for the opposing team to score, or they may throw the opposing team's flag directly at the ball to dunk it and score that way.


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