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Fishing Pond is a sub-game in Kirby Mass Attack. It can only be played after Kirby defeats Necrodeus in Story mode.


Kirby is sitting on a ledge near the water in Dedede Resort. While the credits play on the top screen, the player can stay busy by fishing. Rapidly tapping the Kirby button at the lower right-hand corner of the screen when something tugs on Kirby's line will cause Kirby to reel in the line. Not tapping enough or tapping too early will result in Kirby yanking his reel out of the water with nothing on it. If the player succeeds, Kirby will launch whatever he caught into the air, and it will land in the bucket behind him.

When the bucket fills with enemies and/or food items, something will be bumped off the top of the pile. An enemy can bump another enemy off the pile, as can food; however, only another food item can knock a food item off the top of the pile. Catching these things doesn't give Kirby any points, as there is no point system. However, the first thing Kirby fishes out of the water after his first time defeating Necrodeus is the last medal in the game.

Enemies and Items