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Transform into a bright red fire engine! Your hose can squirt water, enabling you to put out blazes!
— Official European Kirby's Epic Yarn website

Fire Engine is a Transformation that both Kirby and Prince Fluff can take on in Kirby's Epic Yarn. The two can transform into this form by getting the relevant Metamortex. It first appears in Lava Landing, then appears in Temper Temple and Meta Melon Isle.

Physical Appearance

Kirby becomes a red fire engine with a pink siren, black wheels, and a beige hose.

Prince Fluff looks basically the same, except with his crown in place of a siren and a blue body.


While in this form, Kirby and Prince Fluff can put out fires and defeat certain fire-based enemies by releasing water with a button 1 (Wii)/B (3DS) press, and the player tilts the Wii Remote or presses the shoulder buttons to control the direction of the water. They can also knock down beads this way. The two can jump by pressing button 2 or A. In this form, Kirby can also spray water on lava to create temporary platforms, similar to the Ice ability from Kirby: Squeak Squad.