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Fine Fields is the first floating island of Floralia and serves as the first level in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

General Information

Fine Fields is a grassland covered with flowers, though caves and thick forests can be found here as well. Boulders and falling evergreens serve as hazards, making Kirby's adventure here more than a walk in the park. This is where the pink puff's journey to free King Dedede from Taranza begins. Kirby needs five Sun Stones to open the boss stage.

The game's first HAL Room can be found in Stage 3 of Fine Fields. In the second room, Kirby must touch the right side of the screen in the background, then return to his starting point to the left. A 3D Warp Star will have appeared in the foreground, and the hero can use it to travel into the background. From there, he can head left to find the room. 

Copy Abilities

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Sun Stones

Stage 1

  1. Inhale the tree with Hypernova. A Sun Stone will appear shortly afterward.
  2. Pull the Slide Blocks with Hypernova. The first one will crush some Durable Blocks and the second one can be moved close to the Sun Stone. Get on top of the second Slide Block and inhale the Slide Block containing the Sun Stone. It will shatter upon hitting the ground, releasing the Sun Stone.

Stage 2

  1. Destroy one of the Terrain Blocks in the background to gain access to a Treasure Chest.
  2. In the Cannon room, use the left branching path.
  3. In room with Shotzos, enter optional room. Use the Tilt Bowl to cause the flowers to bloom. The left flower releases a Key, the right flower releases a red Star and serves as a platform.

Stage 3

  1. Use the triple 3D Tilt Missile to destroy the Durable Blocks in the background. The lowest one needs to be destroyed to get the Sun Stone.
  2. In the room with the boulders, enter the optional door. Light the fuse and move the block to keep the spark going until it reaches the Cannon
  3. Inhale the fourth Pipe Worm to access optional room. Inhale both Slide Blocks in order to pull back wrecking ball. Pull back wrecking ball all the way to obliterate the wall. Below is a Treasure Chest.
  4. Move the Slide Block to the center of the room to pull away the curtain. The Sun Stone is in the background.

Stage 4

  1. In the second room, use Beetle to cut grass to find a Key. Use it on the locked door in the background.
  2. In the area with the Invincible Candy, destroy the Bomb Block blocking access to a 3D Warp Star.
  3. Use the Tilt Gondola to bring the Key to the locked door.

Stage 5

  1. Defeat Flowery Woods.

Stage 6

  1. In Treasure Chest after defeating Blocky DX.

Rare keychains

Stage Rare keychain Image Guide
Stage 1 Star Rod Rare Keychain 1.png Pull the wrecking ball all the way back. It will obliterate the wall ahead, allowing access to the rare keychain.
Stage 2 Dyna Blade Rare Keychain 2.png Just before the end door, fly up.
Stage 3 Triple Star Rare Keychain 3.png In the second room, use Cutter to cut the Grass, releasing a 3D Warp Star and revealing a Bomb Block in the background. Go into the background and destroy the Bomb Block.
Stage 4 Dark Matter Rare Keychain 4.png After riding the 3D Warp Star after passing the Grizzo, go to the right.
Stage 6 Magical Paintbrush Rare Keychain 5.png When the Lumberjack Waddle Dee cuts down a tree that destroys some Durable Blocks, ride the 3D Warp Star that was left behind. Cut down the tree to destroy some Durable Blocks in the foreground.


"Floral Fields" plays in Stage 1 and the first room of Stage 2. "Hypernova Inhale" plays in Stages 1 and 3 after eating the Miracle Fruit. "The Cave in the Sky" plays in Stage 2 after entering the cave. "Tilting the World" plays in Stage 2 in rooms with the Tilt Bowl and in Stage 3 in the room with the Cannon. "Chasing Down the Miniboss" plays in Stage 2 when fighting Mr. Frosty and in Stage 4 when fighting Hornhead. "Strange Rock Rolling from the Back" plays in Stage 3. "Secret Area: HAL Room" plays in Stage 3 while in the HAL Room; this is the title theme of Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition. "A Forest Hike" plays in Stage 4; this is a remix of Yogurt Yard from Kirby's Adventure. "Invincible" plays in Stage 4 when under the effects of the Invincible Candy. "Dark Clouds" plays in Stage 5 in the first room. "Bouncing Boss Battle" plays in Stage 5 when fighting Flowery Woods. "Grand Sun Stone Dance" plays upon collecting the Grand Sun Stone. Stage 6 features music from Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition and Kirby's Return to Dream Land: "New Challenge Stages," which is a remix of "Magolor, Traveler from Beyond" from Kirby's Return to Dream Land, plays in the first, second, fourth, and fifth rooms; "Through the Forest" plays in the third room; "VS. Waddle Tank," which is a remix of the Computer Virus theme from Kirby Super Star, plays when fighting Blocky DX.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ファイン フィールド Officially romanized as Fine Field.
English Fine Fields
Korean 파인필드 Officially romanized as Fine Fields.
German Blumige Breiten Translates to Flowery Latitudes.
French Féérie Fantastique Translates to Fantastic Fairyland.
Italian Foreste Fiorite Translates to Flowering Forests.
Spanish Floresta Frondosa Translates to Leafy Forest.


Flower Land

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