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Figure Monsters are small monsters appearing in Snack Attack Parts I and II, both of which are the episodes 52 and 53.

General Information

According to the N.M.E. Sales Guy, these monsters were designed to look like toys so they can play around with their enemies. Not only are they skilled martial artists, but they also have the magical ability to grow in the moonlight. The fighters came disguised as tiny figures in chocolate balls along with King Dedede's Martial Arts All-Stars. The Cappies were in for quite a howling when they put their figures on their window sills and left them there for the moonlight to shine on them, and the toys grew bigger and came to life. The miniature monsters then went rampaging all over the town, and the Cappies discovered that the fighters could be destroyed in one hit. Kirby, however, made no attempts to attack the miniature fighters, but after he defeated all of the Martial Arts All-Stars, the Cappies freely destroyed the remainder of the small villains.

Physical Appearance

The Figure Monsters are small, miniature gray monsters coming in different shapes wearing different colored pants, wearing dark blue shoes, having different-colored hairstyles, and having flat yellow eyes. They come in four colors. The blue figures are pyramidal with flat tops and pointy orange hair, the green figures are orbicular with orange hair that comes down, the red figures are trapezoidal-prism in shape with green hair that goes up, and the yellow figures are simply blue fighters with upside-down bodies and spiky green hair. When destroyed, the Figure Monsters flash rainbow colors and disappear.

Powers and Abilities

The 3 Color Fighters can grow in the moon light and are skilled fighters.

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