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Field Frenzy is a sub-game in Kirby Mass Attack. It is unlocked by collecting 5 medals.


The sub-game draws inspiration from the whack-a-mole genre. Four possible targets pop out of a certain number of mole holes depending on the level being played on, and the player needs to tap on it before it disappears back down the hole. There are six different levels to the game in increasing difficulty.


Tapping on a Mole gives 10 points, Oohroos are worth 30, and each Whispy Woods is worth 60. Gordos start appearing from Level 2 onwards, and if these are tapped on, 50 points are subtracted from the player's total. It is not possible to accrue negative points by tapping on too many Gordos, so the minimum score is still zero. This whole phase lasts for 30 seconds. If the player scores enough points during this time, he or she gets 3 seconds at the end of the level to get as many taps on a boss as possible. Each tap is worth 10 points or 20 points, depending on where the player taps.

Level 1 starts with three mole holes, and the number of holes increases by one in each subsequent level, up to seven holes in Level 5. Level 6 has seven holes as well, but the outer ring of holes rotates clockwise at constant speed. The number of targets increases with the number of holes, so the highest possible score is higher in the more difficult levels.


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