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Honk, toot, and bammity-bam! Bust out a festival of drums and horns, which makes everyone break into a wild dance! Gather your all-star friends and have a party!
— Flavor text • Kirby Star Allies

Festival is a Copy Ability in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies.


Kirby Star Allies

Festival focuses on dancing around and transforming all onscreen enemies into Point Stars; this also does damage to mid-bosses and bosses. Festival is more powerful if used when Kirby has Friends around. Unlike most Copy Abilities, this can only be used once, and does not have a Helper. Festival is obtained from the Donpuffle enemy and the Yggy Woods boss's golden cherry.


Move Controls Description Damage
Type A Type B
Dance Solo B Y Kirby will do his victory dance in a more festive music, transforming all enemies into Point Stars and damaging all mid-bosses or bosses onscreen. 180
Festival Dance Use Dance Solo with friends Kirby and his Friends dance, transforming all enemies into Point Stars and damaging all mid-bosses or bosses onscreen. 190 + 10 × # of Friends

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese フェスティバル Translates to Festival.
English Festival
Traditional Chinese 慶典 Translates to Celebration.
Simplified Chinese 庆典 Translates to Celebration.
German Festival Same as English.
French Festival Same as English.
Italian Festival Same as English.
Spanish Festival Same as English.


  • The song that plays when the Festival ability is used is a remix of the Kirby Dance.
  • The logo that appears behind Kirby at the end of the dance is the 25th anniversary logo.
  • Festival is the first limited-use Copy Ability to be introduced since Magic in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, a 14 year gap.
  • The hat Festival Kirby wears may be inspired by the dancers in the Rio Carnival, a celebration in Brazil.
  • This ability was possibly inspired by the scrapped Tonosama ability from Kirby Super Star. Both are based off of dancing/festivals and use flashy objects (Festival using feathers and Tonosama using fans) while using the ability.



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