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The Elfilin we first met was born from a small, compassionate soul that hid behind greater, invasive ambitions. Without a soul to temper its power, the creature's spatial-teleportation ability ran amok, opening mysterious vortices left and right. Now that they're whole again, they're already planning their next invasion...
— Gotcha Figure Description

Fecto Elfilis, titled as Ultimate Life-Form, is the final boss of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. They are the original, complete form of Fecto Forgo and Elfilin.

Physical Appearance

Fecto Elfilis bears similarity to their halves Fecto Forgo and Elfilin, their pelt teal in coloration most prominently sharing likeness to the two. They have a slender build with incredibly long, lanky limbs and a very slim torso with orange fur in the belly region. Their gnarled hands are huge, sporting long, purple nails bearing likeness to those of a human's in their bluntness. Their legs resemble that of a generic mammalian hind leg with undefined nubs for feet. They sport a fluffy orange collar that drapes down to their hips in the back, similarly to a scarf or a cape. They have a long, scraggly, fox-like tail with an orange tip. They exhibit golden horns that curve inwards, four tiny spikes protruding out of each horn in the inner part. Where the horn is connected to the head begins an alternating yellow and orange pattern marking up to the tip of their snout. They have feelers on each side of their head, similar to those found on Fecto Forgo's larva form, albeit Fecto Elfilis's are longer. Their eyes have purple scleras with blue irises and purple pupils. Their gigantic winglike ears follow a serrated pattern; the outer rim of their ears are the same teal as their base pelt with a few spiked tufts sticking out, with the inner ears flaunting a vibrant red and yellow coloration, purple blood vessels being visible; each tip of the feather-like protrusions at the bottom of their ears are purple and end in black. They hover on the ground and fly through the air as opposed to walking.

After Elfilin is removed from them, their form becomes unstable, causing their colors to appear dampened and their body to drip liquid as if they are made of wet ink.

They wield a spear which resembles a caduceus; the end has a red bulb with three vine-like rods extending upwards and the bluish-green part being the core with red and yellow rods twisting around it. The segment it is held with is twisted so tightly that it simply merges as one before separating around the caduceus end. The red and yellow wing-like structures from one side of the caduceus each have blue hypnotic patterns on them while the teal part extends to the tip of the spear and is covered by a blue spearhead with a few red protrusions.

General Information and History

Fecto Elfilis is a hostile being that hails from the depths of space. They have the unique ability to open dimensional rifts and travel through them to other dimensions, and as such, their two halves, Fecto Forgo and Elfilin, share this ability as well. However, Fecto Elfilis used their ability for their own invasive purposes.

In the distant past, Fecto Elfilis arrived upon the forgotten world and attempted to invade it, raining destruction on the native wildlife. However, before their invasion could be completed, Fecto Elfilis was captured by the research team of an ancient civilization that once lived on the planet. Then, the research team began to study their spatial teleportation ability at Lab Discovera, the results of which allowed them to become highly advanced in science and create technologies that share Fecto Elfilis's ability. 30 years after the research began, however, an incident occurred during an experiment with Fecto Elfilis's warp ability, in which they were split in two. Their compassionate, passive half became an entity known as Elfilin, who escaped in the aftermath, while their malevolent, invasive half became Fecto Forgo, who remained trapped in the Eternal Capsule. Sometime afterwards, the people of the civilization abandoned the planet with their newfound technology due to overpopulation, leaving behind Fecto Forgo and Elfilin. A long time afterward, Fecto Forgo, using their psychic powers, overtook the minds of the animals on the planet, using them to form the Beast Pack in an attempt to find Elfilin so they can reunite into Fecto Elfilis, leading to the events of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Fecto Elfilis serves as the final boss.


After defeating Fecto Forgo once they absorbed members of the Beast Pack, they tried to absorb Kirby into their mass. Kirby dodges their tentacles, but as Elfilin is distracted, they seize the opportunity and grab him before absorbing him into themself, becoming complete once more. They fly to the top of Lab Discovera, and Kirby chases after them.

At the top, Fecto Elfilis reforms. Summoning their spear, they proceed to do battle against Kirby. After a long battle, however, Kirby defeats them and Elfilin emerges from their back in a glowing, spherical chamber. Using the Dome Mouth, Kirby frees Elfilin from Fecto Elfilis, and the two celebrate. Fecto Elfilis, with their body now unstable, recovers and flies to the sky before opening a massive dimensional rift to Planet Popstar, intending to crash it and the forgotten world into each other as a last resort. Kirby, using the Big-Rig Mouth, drives through the floating debris toward Fecto Elfilis. They see Kirby approaching and summon large clumps of debris before throwing them at him. Kirby dodges them, and they summon an even larger clump to protect themself. With Elfilin's power, Kirby drives through the debris clump and plows through Fecto Elfilis, destroying their physical form and leaving their soul as Soul Forgo.

In the Ultimate Cup Z, Fecto Elfilis would return as Chaos Elfilis after they absorbed the power of Morpho Knight.


Fecto Elfilis uses several fast-paced attacks that force the player to move constantly to avoid being hit.

They start the battle by flying far into the background out of any attack's range. They then wave their spear, summoning and firing seven energy blades that resemble their spearhead that land in succession and Kirby must keep moving until the last one lands to avoid it; this attack can also be used when they are on the ground. Another attack they will use in the air is a giant laser that occasionally targets Kirby by traveling in a straight line, and leaves a heated trail that fades quickly. When it ends, it creates an energy burst. Kirby can outrun the laser and easily jump over the heated trail left behind. When Fecto Elfilis finishes using an attack from the air, they will either fly extremely quickly to the ground near Kirby or crash to the ground with their spear, which creates a small energy burst when it is plunged into the ground. Sometimes, Fecto Elfilis will launch an attack where they dive down from the air and drag their spear across the ground twice, leaving a trail of hot rocks that disappear after a short while, before launching a spear crash attack, and ends with them crashing to the ground.

When Fecto Elfilis is on the ground, they use their spear to attack. They can spin their spear around once or twice, but this attack can be avoided by either jumping over with good timing or floating above until it ends. Another way they use their spear to attack is by charging straight at Kirby and the latter must dodge by either moving out of the way or floating above them, though they may follow up with a spin of spear. Their final ground-based attack involves Fecto Elfilis generating a star-shaped space portal and striking their spear into it, creating shockwaves along the ground all around the stage.

After Fecto Elfilis loses about over half of their health, their attacks become more numerous and new ones are used. Fecto Elfilis starts the second half of the battle by creating a massive space distortion in the sky and opening portals to summon asteroids of building debris to hurl at Kirby. The location the asteroids hit can be determined by the shadows they cast before they land. After the sixth asteroid lands, a giant asteroid that takes up most of the arena space comes out of the portal. Kirby must run to the far end of the arena to avoid being hit by the giant asteroid. They may immediately follow up by crashing into Kirby or dragging their spear. Sometimes Fecto Elfilis may not summon the giant asteroid and follow up with flying close to Kirby or crashing into the ground.

For their other new attack, Fecto Elfilis creates two illusions of themselves and tries to heal. The three Fecto Elfilis come to the ground and a damaging cyan ring closes in on the real one that heals a portion of their health when finished. Successive attempts to heal will also decrease the amount of health Fecto Elfilis will try to restore. The portion healed is presented on the health bar in aquamarine, but the healing can be prevented if Kirby attacks the real Fecto Elfilis and inflicts enough damage to lower the aquamarine portion to almost nothing before the ring closes. If the healing is prevented, they will be damaged even more and temporarily stunned for a short moment. When they split apart and the Fecto Elfilis' emit their first star, the real Fecto Elfilis will be the only one with a shadow underneath.

The rest of Fecto Elfilis's attacks are the same as in the first half, except they become much more numerous. The spear spinning attack is used four times instead of two, the spear charge attack can be used up to three times consecutively, and the dive-bomb attack up to three times instead of two. After summoning energy blades, they may follow up with a spear charge and then a spear spin. When they strike into the portal, the five giant spears will strike in a line and they will repeat one more time on the other side of the stage.

Once Fecto Elfilis takes enough damage, they collapse and Elfilin begins to emerge from their back inside an energy dome. Kirby must use the dome-mouth ability to pull Elfilin out. Fecto Elfilis will try to stop Kirby by telekinetically controlling their spear to attack him. Should the spear hit Kirby, Fecto Elfilis will drag Elfilin back inside their body, restoring some of their health, and the battle continues.

When Elfilin is extracted from Fecto Elfilis, the latter becomes unstable and begins to melt. They open a giant portal to pull Planet Popstar and the forgotten world towards each other to destroy them both. Kirby then uses a big-rig truck to drive across the floating buildings being pulled by Popstar's gravity to reach Fecto Elfilis. Near the end, they summon two giant asteroid of debris to try and stop Kirby and the Player has to rapidly press the dash button to dash under one and the jump button to jump over the other one. When Kirby starts to come through, Fecto Elfilis uses their power to summon another asteroid to try to stop Kirby and the Player has to rapidly press dash to push through. When Kirby starts to break through, Fecto Elfilis uses their power to push the asteroid, but Elfilin uses his power to give Kirby more strength. The Player then has to press dash again and toggle the joystick around simultaneously to crush the asteroid and crash into Fecto Elfilis, destroying them.


"Fecto" may be derived from "perfect," seeing as how Fecto Elfilis is supposed to be a perfect being; this also references Fecto Forgo, one half of the being. "Elfilis" is derived from Elfilin, the other half of the being.

In Other Languages

Fecto Elfilis

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese フェクト・エフィリス Fecto Efilis
German Ultimo Elfilis
Dutch Ultimo Elfilis
French Ultimo Elfilis
Italian Fecto Elfilis Same as English
Spanish Fecto Elfilis Same as English

Ultimate Life-Form

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese 完全体 Translated to The Completed Form.
German Ultimative Lebensform Translates to Ultimate Life-Form.
Dutch Ultieme Levensvorm Translates to Ultimate Life-Form.
French Forme de vie ultime Translates to Ultimate Life-Form.
Italian Forma di vita definitiva Translates to Ultimate Life-Form
Spanish Ente Definitivo Translates to Definitive Entity.


  • The incident involving Fecto Elfilis's split into their two parts was 30 years after research on them began. This is a reference to the fact that Kirby and the Forgotten Land released on the 30th anniversary year of the Kirby series.
  • The title of Fecto Elfilis's battle theme, "Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit", refers to the distance from a celestial body in which the smaller celestial body will be torn apart and disintegrated as the closer end is experiencing much more gravitational force from the further end.
    • This effect is already happening not long after the portal opens, as pieces of yellow rock and mossy rock structure from Popstar are crashing into the forgotten world, while huge buildings are being uprooted on the surface of the forgotten world.
    • This may also imply both Popstar and the forgotten world are similar in size and mass, as both planets seems to be affected by the other's gravity strong enough to be within each other's Roche Limit, tearing both of them apart instead of just one.
  • Fecto Elfilis's battle theme shares heavily similar vocal samples to Queen Sectonia's 2nd phase theme, "Fatal Blooms in Moonlight."
  • Fecto Elfilis's battle theme is tied with Void's battle theme for being the longest music track in the Kirby series. Both music tracks last for six minutes and twelve seconds before looping.
    • Notably, Fecto Elfilis's battle theme is divided into sections that play during certain parts of their battle. The only way to hear it play continuously all the way through is via The Deedly Dees in Waddle Dee Town.
  • Fecto Elfilis and Chaos Elfilis the only major bosses to be fought with a Mouthful Mode, with Dome Mouth ending their second phase. However, while Chaos Elfilis fights without giving Kirby access to a Mouthful Mode, Kirby uses his Mouthful Mode to capture a big-rig truck to deal the final blow against Fecto Elfilis.


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