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Before they knew it, they were in deep space... Looking back, they saw that Planet Popstar was but a tiny glimmer in the distance. Kirby and his friends are determined to hopefully protect the peace (and tasty naptimes) of their beloved home! Now! Become a shining star and FLY!
— World Select • Kirby Star Allies

Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes (sometimes shortened as Far-Flung Heroes[1]) is the fourth level in Kirby Star Allies, following the Jambastion and preceding Kirby - Star Allies. Therefore, it is the last main level in the game, as the following level serves only to host the final boss encounter for the game.


The stages in this level are represented through planets and moons. Every main planet has a moon which is unlocked upon completing it; that moon is where a boss is located. There are a total of six main planets and six moons, and they can be attempted in any order.

After completing all the moon stages, the path towards the final two stages is unlocked.

Along the way, the player can unlock extra planet levels by finding and hitting Big Switches (highlighted in italic), or by completing the story mode (highlighted in bold).

Rare Picture Pieces

Stage Celebration Picture Guide
Planet Earthfall FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! In the vertical room, use Bluster Staff to clear the Leaves on the left side of the split, revealing a round-trip door. After entering the round-trip door, activate all of the fans with Spinning Staff in order to open that gates at the bottom.
Falluna Moon FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! In the area where two Bombers fall next to a Noddy, fall through the platform the Noddy was sleeping on and enter the round-trip door. Take the Key to the locked door.
Planet Misteen A Miracle Sent to the Skies Obtain Hammer from Bonkers and Plasma from Plugg. Use Zap Hammer to pound the Stake Battery. Use Friend Bridge to bring the Key Dees to the respective locked doors; the Key Dee with the red-starred Key should be on the right and the Key Dee with the blue-starred key should be on the left.
Mareen Moon FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! In the first room, enter the round-trip door. Destroy all of the Bomb Blocks.
Planet Caverna A Miracle Sent to the Skies Obtain Ice from Mr. Frosty, Hammer from Bonkers, Suplex from Bugzzy or Fighter from Knuckle Joe, and Artist from Vividria. Use Ice to extinguish the flaming logs, Hammer to pound the stake, Suplex or Fighter to perform Friend Throw to destroy the Durable Blocks, and Artist to paint the blank signs.
Grott Moon A Dream Above the Clouds In the area with the giant bombs, pass the giant chain and destroy part of the following wall, leading to another giant bomb. Detonate the bomb by using Star Shots from Cutter or Sword to cut the fuse, and then Star Shots from Fire to light the fuse.
Planet Frostak A Dream Above the Clouds Use Blizzard Ninja to cut the flaming chains; alternatively, one could use Cutter or Sword with Bluster to cut the flaming chain instead of just Ninja or just Blizzard.
Blizzno Moon A Dream Above the Clouds Destroy the barrels after the second elevator and enter the round-trip door. Shoot from the third Cannon to hit the switch.
Planet Towara Super Ultra Battle! In the elevator room, located behind a Blizzard Guard.
Gabbel Moon Super Ultra Battle! Fall through the platform under the third set of moving stairs. Enter the round-trip door and race the Key Dee. Defeat the Key Dee and takes its Key to the locked door.
Star Lavadom Robobot Memories In the room with the diagonally rising ground, on top of one of the right blocks.
Sizzlai Moon Robobot Memories After pressing the third switch, destroy the barrel that was under the moving terrain and enter the round-trip door. Grab the key and avoid all of the meteors in order to bring it to the locked door.
Jambandra Base Super Ultra Battle! Press all of the switches in the Friend Circle segment. Enter the round-trip door. Get Fire from Burning Leo, Cutter from Sir Kibble, Stone from Rocky, and Ice from Chilly. Use Fire and Cutter to make Sizzle Cutter, use Sizzle Cutter to detonate the giant bomb at the top of the room, use Stone and Ice to perform Ice Curling to pound the stake in the wall, and use Fire to light the fuse. Have all friends get in the cannons to destroy the durable blocks.
The Divine Terminus Robobot Memories In the second room with the moving blocks, enter the round-trip door. Grab the key and bring it to the locked door by jumping off the elevating platform when the camera fully zooms out.
Extra Planet α A Dream Above the Clouds In the second area; characterized by patches of grass in the nighttime, tall grass in the daytime, and leaves in the evening; use Cleaning from Broom Hatter in the evening to sweep up the leaves, revealing a round-trip door. Entering the round-trip door will lead to a Hammer Copy Essence, along with a Picture Piece and a 1UP. Continue to the third area; characterized by a pool of water in the daytime and evening, and Ice Blocks in the nighttime; obtain Plasma from Plugg in the evening or nighttime and Fire from Burning Leo in the nighttime. Use Fire to melt the ice blocks and Zap Hammer to pound the Stake Battery.
Extra Planet β A Miracle Sent to the Skies Use Stone from the Copy Essence to pound the stake. Use Cleaning from Broom Hatter or from the Copy Essence and perform Clean Curling to pound the stake in the wall. Use ESP from NESP to perform Geokinesis on the Stake Battery.
Extra Planet γ Super Ultra Battle! In the room with the lava, bring the Key to the locked door near the end of the room. Use Water from Driblee and Ice from Chilly to perform Icicle Lance to destroy the flaming logs and cut the flaming chains.
Extra Planet δ Robobot Memories Use Plasma from Plugg to power a wire to open a gate. Use Fire from Burning Leo and Staff from Jammerjab to create Sizzle Staff. Use Up Jab to light the fuse the to giant dynamite; alternatively, one could use Yo-Yo from Gim instead of Staff.

Big Switches

Stage Guide Extra Stage
Planet Earthfall Obtain Suplex from Bugzzy or Fighter from Knuckle Joe. In the last room, use the Friend Throw Friend Ability to destroy the Durable Blocks. Dream Palace
Planet Misteen Pound the stake underwater with Hammer. Use Zap Hammer to then pound the Stake Battery; alternatively, Stone could be used to pound the normal stake and ESP from NESP could be used to perform Geokinesis on the Stake Battery. Extra Planet α
Planet Frostak In the room with the Floaty the Cell Cores, enter the round-trip door under one of them. Use Blizzard Cutter's Hyper Boomerang while standing by the Pop Flower, to cut the flaming chain. Extra Planet β
Star Lavadom Use Cleaning from Broom Hatter and Stone from Rocky to perform Clean or Splash Curling to pound the stake in the wall. Extra Planet γ

Related Quotes

Use the R Stick to control the view on the World Map so you can see all the sights in the galaxy!
— Viewing the World Map: • Kirby Star Allies loading screen
Kirby and friends are flung into deep space, far away from Planet Popstar----can they save the universe and get back for naptime?
— Official Kirby Star Allies website


  • Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes is a reference to Milky Way Wishes, a mode from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.
    • It involves riding the Warp Star to various nearby planets without a required order, which will end in a boss fight; in the case of Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes, boss fights are on each planet's moon.
    • Upon clearing a planet (and its moon for Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes), a pathway connects the planet to the "next" planet.
    • Extra Planet α references Floria by having the main area change slightly by entering doors. Instead of four seasons, it uses three times of day: daytime, evening, and nighttime. Some of the planet's puzzles are also very similar to those found on Floria.
    • Planet Misteen references Aquarius by being a water-centric planet.
    • Star Lavadom references Hotbeat by being a lava-centric planet.
    • Planet Caverna references Cavius by being a cave-centric planet, along with having all of the games' mid-bosses present. Each mid-boss also gives a Copy Essence, referencing the Copy Essence Deluxes in Milky Way Wishes.
    • Halfmoon, while not present in Story Mode as a playable area, is referenced during the Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes segment in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! while playing as Marx.
  • The Lor Starcutter, Ripple Star, Nova's pocket watch, and Halfmoon occasionally can be seen in the World Map.
  • Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes is the longest level in any Kirby game, consisting of 18 stages (excluding the Dream Palace and Ability Planet, as they are not deemed normal stages).
  • The music that plays in the overworld map contains parts of the ending theme of Kirby's Dream Land.
  • Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes is the only level in any Kirby game to have three variations of its theme that play in the Level Map, with the theme becoming more ambient when approaching Jambandra Base and The Divine Terminus.


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