Falluna Moon is a moon that appears in Kirby Star Allies. It is the first moon found in the final world, Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes, being the moon of Planet Earthfall. This is where a rematch with Whispy Woods and the first fight against Yggy Woods take place.

Stage Overview

Before the player faces off against the boss, they first need to reach the boss door. Upon proceeding right, the player will find a Noddy on the floor, followed by a Bomber suspended high in the air. After a short walk, the player will encounter the same setup again; this time, the Noddy is placed just after the Bomber. Continuing right, the player will then encounter a Noddy surrounded by two Bombers; above the Noddy is a Picture Piece. Below the Noddy is a ladder; taking this ladder leads to a Round-Trip Door.

Taking the door leads to a secret room. In this area, Kirby and friends must carry a Key to the end of the room. Along the way, the player will need to either dodge or destroy 7 Como enemies and jump over numerous pits. Reaching the end with the Key will allow the player to open the path to the Rare Picture Piece for the level, along with 2 normal Picture Pieces and numerous Point Stars (for a total of 43 stars). There is also a Copy Essence for Suplex.

Returning to the main room, the player then progresses right to find a Reset Platform. Moving onward, the player will then encounter a Gim, Waddle Doo and Rocky, for use in the upcoming boss fight. Lastly, just as the boss door appears in the players' view, there is a crate containing a Pep Brew.

Entering the boss door will trigger a rematch against Whispy Woods; defeating him will shift the screen right to reveal a bouncing rotten cherry (hinting at the forthcoming encounter), a Beetley and a Burning Leo. Moving past these enemies will trigger the second boss encounter against Yggy Woods; defeating him will clear the stage and trigger a cut-scene.

Physical Appearance

The stage's appearance is just like that of Planet Earthfall, as it is the moon of said planet. Therefore, it is a peaceful grassland with regular or bright orange grass, brown bushes, and tress with brown leaves that create a ball shape; it also has an evening setting in the sky. The wind can be seen blowing in the background gently.

Copy Abilities

KSA Beam Ability Icon
KSA Beetle Ability Icon
KSA Crash Ability Icon
KSA Festival Icon2
KSA Fighter Ability Icon
KSA Fire Ability Icon
KSA Ice Ability Icon
KSA Sleep Ability Icon
KSA Spider Ability Icon
KSA Staff Icon2
KSA Stone Ability Icon
KSA Suplex
KSA Sword Ability Icon
KSA Water Ability Icon
KSA YoyoIcon

Rare Picture Piece

Celebration Picture Guide
FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! In the area where two Bombers fall next to a Noddy, fall through the platform the Noddy was sleeping on and enter the round-trip door. Take the key to the locked door.


Falluna is a portmanteau of fall and luna, referencing the season at which the stage is set and its status as a moon, respectively.