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There's more adventure to be found! An Extra Stage is now unlocked!
— Extra Stage Unlocked • Kirby Star Allies

Extra Eclair is an extra stage, the sixth stage of World of Peace - Dream Land, and the sixth stage overall of Kirby Star Allies. It is unlocked through the big switch in Honey Hill. Extra Eclair takes place in a similar grasslands area to Honey Hill, albeit at nighttime. The stage also contains a cave, and several alternate paths. Vividria and Bonkers serve as mid-bosses.

Stage Overview

The player starts out on a flat plain, where they will soon encounter a ladder, and, climbing up, a Bio Spark and a Driblee. The door to the next room is hidden behind a wooden box.

In the next room, an arrow sign pointing right is hidden behind another wooden box. Progressing in that direction, the player will soon arrive at a split in the path; however, breaking the nearby wooden box reveals an arrow sign pointing upward, the intended way to go. After defeating two Chips and descending a hill, the player will encounter another split path, this time between three choices. Like before, breaking the wooden boxes reveals the correct choice, in this case the middle path. Immediately after, the player will encounter an identical split path; the only difference is that here, the boxes are on fire, requiring a Copy Ability with the Splash attribute to destroy. Continuing down the bottom path, the correct choice, the player will obtain two Picture Pieces, then arrive at the door to the next room.

At the beginning of this room, the player will find a Burning Leo, along with several patches of tall grass and fruit hanging from trees. The player can cut down the fruit and burn or cut down the grass for Point Stars and food, and at the end of the room, the player will find a locked door, as well as a normal door. The player can enter the door, but they may also optionally find the key, which is located in a fruit high above the ground, near a Blade Knight; past the locked door, Kirby must have three friends to simultaneously pull down four levers and access the round-trip door.

In this optional room, the player or one of their friends must light a fuse using an ability with a Sizzle attribute, then race to get inside the four cannons. Doing so, the player will reach a treasure chest, in which the Rare Picture Piece of the stage is located.

Whether the player goes through the locked door or not, the next room will be a long corridor in which they are chased by a giant, rolling sphere of Waddle Dees, identical to the ones from Honey Hill. While outrunning two such spheres of Waddle Dees and jumping over obstacles, the player must either dodge or defeat Bouncys and Waddle Dees riding Nruffs.

In the final room, after passing a Bio Spark and Parasol Waddle Dee, the player will fight Bonkers. Once Bonkers is defeated, the player must also fight Vividria; after this is done, the player can use the Artist ability to paint some empty canvases, then reach the goal.

Copy Abilities

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Rare Picture Piece

Celebration Picture Guide
The First Rival In the room with the trees with the hanging nuts, there is a tall tree in the middle. Float up and cut the vine using Sword or Ninja; the nut will drop a key. Bring the key to the locked door. Use Friends to pull down the four ceiling switches, revealing a round-trip door. After entering the round-trip door, light the fuse with Fire and have friends in each of the cannons. Launching from the cannons will cause all four characters to destroy four Durable Blocks along the way, revealing a Treasure Chest at the top.


"Green Greens" from Kirby's Dream Land plays in the first, second, third, and fifth rooms. "Entrance" from Kirby's Blowout Blast plays in the puzzle room with the Multi Cannon. "Shooting" from Kirby's Dream Land plays in the fourth room. "Boss Theme" from Kirby's Blowout Blast plays when fighting Bonkers and Vividria.