Wind the spool and take a ride on the Evergreen Lift. Watch out for unwelcome passengers as you head through Dandans and Waddle Dees. Don't let Freezos get you down - unwrap a few gifts, and lift your spirits with some holiday cheer!
— Official guide

Evergreen Lift is the 36th stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It is the second unlockable level and seventh in Snow Land, the sixth world in the game. It comes after Frigid Fjords and precedes Future City of Space Land. Completing Frigid Fjords unlocks it.

The level is a vertical scroller, where Kirby rolls up a yarn reel to bring a lift up to the top and end the level at the top of the Christmas tree. All kinds of typical Christmas tree decorations are seen along the way up. There are no metamortexes in the level.

Evergreen Lift shares the same music as Snowy Fields.


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