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Eternal Dreamland is the seventh and final level of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is not technically a part of Floralia, as it is created by Queen Sectonia near the end of the game, and is not inhabited by the People of the Sky.

General Information

Eternal Dreamland comes about when Queen Sectonia merges with the Dreamstalk after her defeat, causing the plant's vines to grow out of control; they cover Planet Popstar's surface so Sectonia can feed off it forever. Kirby and King Dedede panic, but the People of the Sky soon bring them a cannon to fire through the foliage.

In the first part of the level, Kirby has to shoot the Sectonia Flowers growing on the Dreamstalk. The player aims him with the Nintendo 3DS gyro. If Kirby hits part of the Dreamstalk, gets hit by an exploding seed, or hits a closed flower, he will take damage. When all of the flowers are defeated, Kirby must quickly be shot to Sectonia. He then reaches a vine walkway with many 3D Warp Stars, Copy Essences, and Bandana Waddle Dee ready to toss an Assist Star.

Kirby then enters the second part of the level: The final bout with the Dreamstalk-fused Sectonia. This battle consists of five phases, each one harder than the last. In the final phase, Taranza reappears and tosses Kirby a Miracle Fruit, transforming him into Hypernova Kirby. He must then inhale seeds launched at him and spit them back at Sectonia's flowers (once again aiming with the gyro). When the tyrant is finally defeated, the Dreamstalk's overgrowth fades away. Eternal Dreamland is destroyed and Floralia and Planet Popstar are saved.

Copy Abilities


"Dark Clouds" plays when fighting Sectonia Vine. "Moonstruck Blossom"/"Fatal Blooms in Moonlight" plays when fighting Queen Sectonia. "Last-Minute Hero" plays after defeating Queen Sectonia. "The World to Win" plays when fighting Queen Sectonia with Hypernova. "FLOWERED" plays during the "FLOWERED" cutscene. "One of the Miracles" plays during the "Ending" cutscene.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese エターナル ドリームランド Officially romanized as Eternal DreamLand.
English Eternal Dreamland
Korean 이터널 드림랜드 Officially romanized as Eternal Dreamland.
German Dream Land auf ewig Translates to Dream Land forever.
French Effrayant Sanctuaire Translates to Scary Sanctuary.
Italian Dream Land all'Orizzonte Translates to Dream Land on the Horizon.
Spanish Edén Soñado Translates to Dreamed Eden.


  • Despite having "Dreamland" in the name, it is not directly related to Dream Land; this is further emphasized in the Japanese version, as Dream Land is referred to as PupupuLand in Japanese. The word "Dreamland", in this case, refers to giving Queen Sectonia her eternal beauty sleep.