Escargoon Squad is an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Episode Plot

When Escargoon took a photo of King Dedede it turns out there was a ghost (Urameshiya) Escargoon said that a ghost could lay a grudge on Dedede,acting brave, alone Dedede was on his throne afraid that it will strike tonight. Dedede decided to go to Mabel to fortune tell if the ghost will visit him tonight and it is.Driving back to the palace the bridge started to close witch Dedede was angry but as Escargoon said it could have been the ghost made Dedede seen a illusion of the ghost. Tiff,Lady like,Cabinet minister told of what they seen could be the ghost made Dedede unable to sleep, having to go to the bathroom Dedede brought Escargoon to use the restroom knowing now he's alone in there he becomes afraid and hear's voices he run's away and see's a ghost (Kirby,Lololo,Lalala) While Lololo,Lalala and Tuff having victory,Tiff,Meta knight,Lady like and Cabinit minister worried from Dedede and Escargoon's scream's they look for them,seen that Dedede is trapped in the wine cellar Dedede is tortured by an axe swing back and forth almost bieng sliced to pieces by Tuff,Kirby,Lololo and Lalala they scared him to death making him faint. Knowing know that Escargoon was behind the prank's to get revenge from Dedede's prank's to him,Dedede mad he pretend's to forgive him than he started chasing them seing the actual ghost (Uremashiya) Dedede get's afraid and pay's the ghost.This was another trick from Nightmare to get paid from how many monsters Dedede bought.

Scenes and items edited/removed from the 4Kids dub

  • During the scene where Escargoon is telling everyone how King Dedede always spooked him, a part showing Dedede chasing Escargoon with a chainsaw while donning pink clown-like hair was removed, possibly due to chainsaws and other savage weapons being very violent for children's TV.
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