Escargoon Squad is an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

In this episode, Dedede takes a picture of himself. A ghost appears on the developed photo! To make things worse, Mabel tells the king that a ghost is haunting the castle and that it will get him that night! Dedede drives back to the castle to find the drawbridge rising by itself. When King Dedede and Escargoon finally get in, everyone in the castle is talking about mysterious ghost sightings, which freaks out the two. When Dedede goes to bed, he gets up to use the restroom-bad move. When he gets out, he's pursued by three ghosts. After Dedede rounds the corner Tuff steps out and tells the "ghosts" that they are doing a great job. After more chasing, Dedede is scared out of his wits when he's strapped down and brought face-to-face with the ghosts-he faints. Escargoon takes the ghost costumes off of Kirby,Fololo,and Falala, and hands them all lollipops. Then the bunch and Tuff are caught by Tiff,Sir Ebrem,Lady Like, and Meta Knight, and Escargoon explains how the king always spooked him. So Escargoon decided to bribe Mabel, sabotage the drawbridge and camera, and recruit his own scaring squad. Dedede wakes up, tries to get revenge on Escargoon, but then sees a real ghost; and it knows his name! Dedede says he'll give the ghost whatever it wants. The ghost wants money. Guess who it works for. Nightmare Enterprises! The ghost grabs a sack of money to pay off King Dedede's monster bills and portals to NME.
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The DVD called Escargoon Squad

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