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No, sire, I built this robot to make life easier for us both. Escar-droid will be at your command 24 hours a day!
— Escargoon to King Dedede. • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Escar-droid is a robot built by Escargoon in the 78th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Right Hand Robot, who, fittingly, modeled it after himself.

Physical Appearance

In his initial form, Escar-droid looks just like Escargoon himself with treadmills and blank eyes. When Escargoon uses the mechanical heart received from NME to try to make it have feelings, it gains a green and red button in the process of its automatic reconstruction, which Escargoon didn't expect.

When the green button is pressed, Escar-droid becomes very knight-like in appearance, gaining white shoes, a black visor, yellow shoulder pads, white gloves, and a white sword that it cleanly cuts Dedede's dinner table in two with.

When the red button is pressed, he becomes a flying combat machine with airplane-like wings on his shell, cannons for hands to shoot missiles from, and a silver engine attached to the back of his shell. His treadmills/shoes are also removed in the process, and he gains an evil toothy grin and red eyes in place of his black visor.


Escargoon was sick of the fact that King Dedede was always overworking him, so he thought giving him a mechanical assistant would be just perfect. Unexpectedly, Dedede even managed to overwork Escargoon's robotic version and it needed to be rebuilt several times. The biggest problem was that it was always agreeable, and therefore it would do anything it was told- including attack Kirby. Then Escargoon bought a special part in the form of a mechanical heart from Nightmare Enterprises to try and make his robot have feelings- but it turned out to have some extra functions he didn't expect. Escar-droid has a few other forms, both of which amazed Dedede; when he pressed the green button on his shell, Escar-droid became knight-like and gained a new visor as well as yellow shoulder pads and a sword, as well as white shoes. However, when he pressed the red button, Escar-droid turned into a flying combat machine which then attacked Cappy Town with its missiles, and even attacked Kirby's house. Thanks to the aid of the Warp Star, Bomb Kirby blew Escar-droid to smithereens with a huge bomb and one of Escar-droid's own missiles, much to the complete and other saddness of Escargoon. A part of Escar-droid's moustache was left for Escargoon himself to sleep with, so therefore at least he got the rest he wanted.

Powers and Abilities

Escar-droid posses a wide arsenal of abilities. In his first form, Escar-droid can do orders given out by King Dedede, he can make and give out perfect tea, has tooth picks, a Monster Catalog, a magnifying glass and a fan, he also posses strong armor that is strong enough to withstand a hits from both King Dedede's fan and fists and later on super armor, he can give out massages, give out bandages, dust places to clean, when improved it can cook Dedede's food is fast records, in combat, he can use its hands to do powerful hard hitting karate chops, it can run super fast speeds on his treads.

In his second form, Escar-droid posses a sword for which he can use in battle, and one slash is powerful enough to cut a table in half, he can jump at incredible highest.

In his third form, Escar-droid can now fly in high speeds thanks to the jet thusters under his feet and back shell as well as wing on both sides of the shell. He can fire energy blasts, white energy lasers and missiles from his arm cannons. Additionally, he can fire four additional homing missiles from his chest. Finally, Escar-droid can use his visor to lock on the target to get clean hits.

Related Quotes

— Escar-droid • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
That robot was built sturdy, but it only took a day for me to bust its bolts.
— King Dedede • Right Hand Robot
Escargoon's droid has now transformed itself from a peaceful servant robot into a lethal combat robot; fully armed and ready to do battle!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy • Right Hand Robot



  • Escar-droid is one of the few monsters in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! to not be from Nightmare Enterprises, but rather be created by Escargoon.
  • Escar-droid is very similar to Domestic Servant Robot, as both are robots, both act as servants to King Dedede, both were turn into monsters and both have multiple forms.
  • Technically, it was the N.M.E. Sales Guy's fault that Escar-droid became a monster, as Escar-droid was never meant to be a monster to attack Kirby in the first place, but rather then be a co-worker helper robot for King Dedede so that Escargoon can have a little break.
  • With three forms, Escar-droid has the most forms out of any monster in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!.