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Oh, please let me run into one person in this loony-skew universe who knows who Escargoon is!
— Escargoon • Escar-Gone

Escar-Gone is the 36th episode (39th in Japan) of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is notable for the appearance of one of the few monsters with the ability to speak: Erasem.


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King Dedede orders a monster late at night that enters Escargoon when he is asleep, causing him to be forgotten by everybody in town. Luckily, Kirby, Tiff, and Meta Knight are there to help get rid of the monster responsible for the forgetting of Escargoon.

Episode Summary

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The episode starts off with King Dedede reading the Nightmare Enterprises catalogue inside his castle. He reads a description of one of the monsters that is supposed to be super dangerous, so he decides to order it. Dedede gloats saying he will clobber Kirby for good with the most fearsome monster he ever ordered. The monster is delivered, but appears to be a minuscule white orb. Dedede goes to check out the monster, which says its name, Erasem, and leaves the throne room. Dedede is dumbfounded because he doesn't believe that that little thing was a monster and that something's wrong. The monster passes by Sword and Blade. Sword asks what the light was, and Blade assumes it was a firefly. Erasem enters a big wooden door, which turns out to be the entrance to Escargoon's room. Erasem flies around the room for a little bit, but then enters Escargoon's right cheek. Escargoon quickly wakes up but says he's so tired that even his cheek is asleep. He then yawns and falls back asleep.

Escargoon is ordered out of the castle.

The next day, Escargoon wakes up, stretches a bit, and says that it is a spectacular morning. He starts off his day by brushing his teeth. After that, he splashes some hot water in his face. After he dries himself, he begins to groom his moustache and his goatee. Later on, Dedede wakes up, claiming that he hates morning. Escargoon welcomes him with a heart-warming good morning. Dedede looks up and appears shocked. Escargoon dusts the king's throne while he assures that Dedede had a pleasant sleep last night. Dedede then scratches his head and asks what a snail is doing in his castle. Dedede goes up to Escargoon and inspects him. Dedede yells at the snail to get out of the castle because he's a stranger. Escargoon is shocked and the slide shifts to his stomach, where Erasem has nestled. Erasem then chants that she's fearsome, but people won't remember because those who are attacked by Erasem are destined to be forgotten forever. Escargoon takes Dedede's comment as a joke and says that he knows who he is. Dedede tells the "slug-mug" that he has never seen him before in his life. Escargoon looks frightened but tells the king that he's some practical jokester and that he nearly fooled Escargoon. Dedede tells Escargoon that he has the fool part right and he grabs him by the moustache, questioning the snail what he's doing here. Escargoon reassures Dedede that he is only doing his job as he's always had. Dedede tells him that he has plenty of half-wits working here and he doesn't need another one. The king hurls the snail across the room and into the wall where Escargoon asks that why is he being treated so shabbily after his years of shameless grovelling and that he's even pretended that the king has earned his respect and admiration. Dedede then tells Escargoon that it's adios for him; Dedede calls for his guards. Waddle Doo and numerous spear-wielding Waddle Dees rush into the room and surround the king and Escargoon. Dedede tells Waddle Doo to toss the intruder out. The Waddle Dees aim their spears at Escargoon, which ambushes him. Escargoon then asks the Waddle Dees if they can really push him around. The Dees nod and Escargoon says that this is the last straw. Escargoon says that he's sick of Dedede's practical jokes and that he's leaving the castle. Waddle Doo tells the king that Escargoon seems unstable and Dedede calls him nuttier than a pistachio. As Escargoon walks out, he says that he's never going to boost the overstuffed ingrate's ego again. He passes by Sir Ebrum and Lady Like, he tells them that he has left his day job to explore on a more rewarding career trek. Lady Like asks her husband who that person was and he responds by saying he hasn't met the chap. Escargoon pushes the Waddle Dees out of the way, saying that they won't have him push them around anymore.

Nobody recognizes Escargoon.

Escargoon first stops by Mayor Len Blustergas' place. Escargoon greets the mayor and says that it sure is a good day to look for a job. Len kindly takes off his hat and asks the strange snail if they have met somewhere before. Escargoon flips out in shock, telling the mayor that he has been tormenting his town for ages. The mayor says that that's interesting and Escargoon asks if the mayor really doesn't know him. The mayor responds with a simple no. Len then tells Escargoon that he may be confusing him with the mayor of another town. Escargoon asks if he truly hasn't seen his face before. The mayor tells him no and Escargoon thinks that it is him who is all mixed up. The mayor suggests that Escargoon check the police station if he's lost. Escargoon backlashes the poor man and tells him that this is all a mind game and that he's in cahoots with Dedede. The mayor apologizes, but Escargoon continues to argue with the mayor, telling him to drop the joke unless he wants trouble. One of the mayor's sheep, however, headbutts Escargoon in the rear and sends him flying all the way to Cappy Town square. Escargoon takes a moment to get himself together and then looks up to see Spikehead, Honey, Iro, and Tuff staring at Escargoon. Escargoon asks them why they are staring at him like that. He gets up and assures that he'd the snail they love to hate. The children look at each other and Tuff tells him that he has never seen him before. Escargoon falls flat on his face and becomes distraught. Tuff comes over to cheer him, but Escargoon tells him he doesn't want his pity and to remember who he's dealing with. He looks up and sees Kawasaki's restaurant and says that he'll know him. Escargoon goes into the restaurant and gives out a loud ahem. Kawasaki comes out and tells Escargoon that there's plenty of room and to go take a seat. Escargoon sits down and tells the chef that he's so depressed that even he can eat his own food. Kawasaki blushes and says that that's regular for the customers that eat here, but coming from a first time customer is rough. Escargoon slams the table and sends a cup of water flying at Kawasaki as he tells him that he's gotten sick here plenty of times. He then says that the whole town is in on Dedede's sick joke. Escargoon cries and walks outside, depressed that nobody recognizes him. As he passes through the town, many Cappies make comments about the snail, saying that they've never seen him before and he looks a bit shifty. Escargoon becomes enraged and heads all the way to Chief Bookem's office. He tells the officer to wake up, which he quickly does. Escargoon tells Bookem to arrest everyone because they are all conspiring against him. Bookem looks out the door and everyone runs away; he claims that this is serious. Escargoon is pleased and says that he knew he could count on the crime savvy chief of police. The chief says that he will have to file a report, which Escargoon appreciates. However, Bookem asks for Escargoon's name, which ticks him off. Escargoon then calls him a two-faced-donut-hoarding-hairy-lip-double-crosser. Bookem asks how that is spelled, but Escargoon screams and tells him to forget it. The chief then states that he will just mark it as "John Snail." Escargoon continues too bawl as he runs around town.

Kirby is the only one to recognize Escargoon.

Meanwhile, at the bridge, Meta Knight tells Tiff that the king ordered a monster the other night. Meta Knight then asks Tiff that he hasn't noticed anything wrong today and asks Tiff is he has. Tiff tells Kirby that she hasn't and everything seems normal. Suddenly, Meta Knight guards Tiff when he sees Escargoon. Escargoon yells at Tiff and Meta Knight and asks them if they are plotting against him with the king. Tiff says that she would never help the king and Meta Knight says that he'll do anything to assist Escargoon. Escargoon feels relieved and thanks to the two even though they had had their differences in the past. Meta Knight and Tiff look strangely at each other and Tiff asks what is wrong. Escargoon begins to tell them that the whole town knows that he is Escargoon, but everybody is pretending not to know him. Tiff comforts Escargoon and says that she will help him. Escargoon thanks her for knowing who he is and tells her that he thought he was losing his mind. Meta Knight then asks Tiff to come with him. As Tiff leaves, Escargoon cries while he calls her a sweet child and promises to never be mean to her again. Meta Knight asks Tiff if she has ever seen the snail before. She responds by saying no, but she was only helping him because he seems so upset. Meta Knight is confused that though they have never met, the awry snail knew both their names. Tiff claims that he's missing a few marbles and Meta Knight says to keep a close eye on the snail in case his condition worsens. Tiff then asks Meta Knight if the traveller's name is really Escargoon. Escargoon hears the conversation and claims that this is the darkest day of his life and proceeds to dismally run away. Meta Knight then asks Tiff if she knows what he's thinking. Tiff then says that they'll help the lost snail. However, when they look up, Escargoon's not there.

The citizens look through photos of the mystery man.

Escargoon continues to run around as he looks for someone that recognizes him. Meanwhile, Kirby is peacefully strolling. Escargoon runs into the puffball and both fall to the ground. Escargoon quickly gets up and asks Kirby if he recognizes his old pal Escargoon. Kirby responds with a poyo. Escargoon then asks if he really recognizes him, and Kirby responds with another poyo. Escargoon becomes joyful and hugs Kirby, relieved that someone recognizes him. At the beach, Escargoon states that the sea is peaceful, the sky is clear, but has his entire life been for not and does it all really matter. He then states to be or not to be and that could it be that his life is so lacking in substance that in a flash it is forgotten. Kirby gives out a poyo and Escargoon says that why did it have to be him because he's no worse than the next slug. Escargoon then says that he doesn't want to be forgotten, but remembered. Kirby gives out another poyo. Escargoon says that he is going to turn over a new leaf. Escargoon then picks up Kirby and asks him to help him because he wants to be a good guy like him. Escargoon tells him that he is sorry for all the mean things he did in the past and if Kirby would forgive him. Kirby gives out a poyo. Escargoon then says that it feels like he is becoming a somebody already. He asks Kirby if he could help him become a positive member of the community. Kirby responds with a poyo. Escargoon's eyes become teary and he says that he has a second chance and that we won't be a miserable troublemaker and that from now on, nobody is ever going to ask who he is. Ironically, Kine surfaces on the ocean and greets Kirby. However, he asks who Escargoon is. Escargoon looks at Kine for a minute, then his eyes roll behind his head and he faints.

Escargoon is relieved that somebody else recognizes him.

Meanwhile, at the police station, the town look through pictures that include Escargoon. Len asks the chief how the stranger managed to get into the pictures. Chief Bookem tries to come up with an excuse, but Professor Curio interrupts him by showing a picture of him and the snail fossil-hunting, but he doesn't remember it. Kawasaki then says that he doesn't remember the mysterious snail throwing a plate at him. Bookem contemplates for a bit and comes to a conclusion: The snail had forged the pictures. Len claims that Escargoon's next picture better be a mugshot. At the castle, Dedede egotistically looks at pictures of himself in a photo album, stating that he looks de-de-delightful and he could even be one of the "supermodels". He then flips to a picture of Escargoon and asks how the Nutcracker got into the pictures. As he flips more pages, he sees more pictures of the stranger and says that it isn't possible. He says that something is mighty goofy around here and contacts the N.M.E. Sales Guy. The N.M.E. Sales Guy tells Dedede that their records show that they sent a monster the other night called Erasem. Dedede says that he never got it and he isn't going to pay for merchandise he never got and to sends him an actual monster before he sues. The N.M.E. Sales Guy says that Erasem is one of the tinier monsters in their inventory and to go searching around the castle with a magnifying glass. In the hallways, Sword and Blade tell Meta Knight that he saw a light enter a room. Unfortunately, Meta Knight nor the others remember whose room it was that the monster entered. The masked swordsman tells Tiff that they could be facing a small, but fiendish foe known as Erasem. Tiff asks if the monster is dangerous, but Sword and Blade just look at each other. As they walk down the hall, Meta Knight tells Tiff that Erasem attacks its enemy by blotting out all memories of their existence. Tiff then realizes that the victim was the stranger they met. Outside the castle, the two explain the whole thing to Tuff. Tiff asks where Escargoon is and Tuff says that he's at the beach with Kirby.

At the beach, both Kirby and Escargoon sigh. Tuff calls out Kirby's name. Escargoon tells Kirby that it must be well that someone calls their names as if they know who they are. Tiff then calls Escargoon's name. Escargoon's can't believe what he's hearing and asks if someone really is calling his name. Tiff calls his name again and both her and Tuff meet up with Kirby and Escargoon. Escargoon is relieved that both of them recognize him. Escargoon then says that the name "Escargoon" is a lovely name. Tuff says that he must be hungry and Tiff tells him to come over to their place for some tea and cookies. Escargoon says that it's great that they remember who he was and Tiff says that all they needed was a little help. Escargoon then says that they're just pulling his tail because they don't really know who he is. Tiff then tells him that they have a picture of Escargoon playing with Kirby in their photo album. Escargoon and Kirby dance for joy as Escargoon is remembered by some.

Back at the castle, Tiff tells Escargoon to eat some cookies. Escargoon says that they smell great and Kirby eats his teacup. Escargoon then tells them that they really don't know anything about him. Tiff admits that she could only tell from the picture, but Tuff says that at least they know his name is Escargoon. Escargoon sighs and says that it's a beginning at least; meanwhile, Kirby tries to grab a cookie, but can't reach it. Tiff says not worry, because they'll eventually remember everything and she tells them to dig into the cookies. Escargoon and Tuff are about to grab a cookie when suddenly, Kirby inhaled the whole batch, including the plates and silverware. Tiff tells the puffball that he needs to learn table manners. Meta Knight then asks Escargoon if he noticed anything strange last night. Escargoon thinks about it for a moment and then remembers when Erasem entered his cheek. He tells them that he had a nightmare that a tiny light was floating around in his head. Meta Knight then says as he feared, which makes Escargoon curious. Tiff tells the snail that he has got a monster inside him and Meta Knight says that they have to find a way to get her out. Escargoon doesn't want to believe this, but Meta Knight tells him that the monster, Erasem, is inside him and if she doesn't escape Escargoon's body, he will be forgotten...forever! Escargoon then says that a scheming chief like him doesn't deserve a fate that awful. Meta Knight tells Escargoon that the cure may be painful; Escargoon asks how painful. Meta Knight tells the snail that he will need to muster up all his courage. Tuff then asks Meta Knight what happens if Escargoon chickens out. Escargoon tells Meta Knight that to get rid of it because he's gutsy enough to handle it.

Escargoon is spun around in order to rid of Erasem from his body.

The group, including Sword and Blade, head to the castle's dungeon. There, Escargoon is laid down while Meta Knight controls the operation. He proceeds to press numerous buttons which opens the ceiling to reveal a large claw. The large claw grabs Escargoon by his shell and takes him up. Escargoon is spinning around in the air while he cries for help and his "momma". Erasem finally flees Escargoon's body through his mouth. Meta Knight quickly presses the stop button, which flings Escargoon directly into a wall. Escargoon falls to the floor and everyone surrounds. Tiff and Tuff say that they remember him and Meta Knight says that he does too. Sword and Blade remember him too and Kirby joyfully runs to him. Dedede opens the dungeon and sees Escargoon "sleeping on the job". Dedede whips out his mallet and whacks Escargoon on the noggin with it. However, Escargoon is not angry, but delighted to know that his majesty recognizes him, claiming this to be the "happiest day of his life." Escargoon thanks everyone, but faints from the blow. Suddenly, Erasem sneaks behind Dedede and Meta Knight tells him to watch out for the monster. Tiff says that it's Erasem and Tuff says that it makes everyone forget who they are. Meta Knight brandishes Galaxia and sends the monster out of the dungeon. Meta Knight runs after it, saying that they have to get rid of it before it strikes again. Everyone except Dedede, who is dumbfounded, and Escargoon who is still knocked out, run after the monster. Dedede grabs Escargoon by his stalks and tells him that they have to catch the monster before it is sent away. As Dedede drags along Escargoon, the snail claims that it is great to be Dedede's disgruntled henchman again.

Kirby is forgotten by everyone.

Meanwhile, at the police station, the town suddenly remembers Escargoon. Bookem looks at a picture and says that it's Escargoon. Len says that it's Escargoon alright, but Kawasaki asks why they are looking at pictures of Escargoon. Suddenly, the Cappies here screams from outside. Everyone in the police station walks outside to see that the whole town is running away from something. Meta Knight tells the Cappies to get away from that light and Tiff says that it's dangerous. Everyone runs back inside the police station. Erasem continues to go around town in search of a victim. Dedede and Escargoon suddenly show up in the king's limo. Gus, Samo, and Gengu say Escargoon's name because they remembered who he is and everyone in the police station joins along. When the limo stops, Escargoon waves to the Cappies, thanking them for recognizing him. Dedede elbows the snail and tells him to get going. However, Erasem appears right in front of Escargoon's face. Escargoon leans back, afraid that he will become a nobody again. Tiff tells Kirby to suck it up. Kirby sucks up Erasem after it resisted a little. Tiff and Tuff congratulate Kirby. Suddenly, Kirby glows a mystic purple aura for a second. Tiff looks at Kirby and says what is this little pink thing doing here. Tuff says that he's never seen it before and Meta Knight says that it's an odd creature. Escargoon asks Dedede if he ordered this thing and Dedede says that it ain't no monster of his. Len asks Kirby where he comes from, Bookem asks what brings him here, and Tiff asks his name. Kirby looks around frantically for someone to recognize him. Tokkori comes by and asks what is going on because he hates showing by at the end. Kirby waves at Tokkori, hoping he'll recognize him. Tokkori looks at it and says that Kirby looks like a reject from a kickball factory. Kirby falls backwards and flails his arms in order for the town to remember who he is. The typical ending sequence begins to play. Right before the star disappears, Kirby grabs a hold of it and opens it up. The episode ends with Kirby spitting out Erasem and the typical ending sequence concludes.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • In the opening sequence, the dub version extends it by zooming into Castle Dedede rather than just starting directly inside the castle in the original.
  • In the Japanese version, everyone refers to Escargoon as an old man, while the dub refers to him as a snail.
  • The Japanese writing on Kawasaki's restaurant was digitally airbrushed in the dub.
  • For unknown reasons, Erasem's catalogue number "#0279" was digitally airbrushed out in the dub.
  • A scene where a skeleton is shown and three other forms of "torture" were taken out of the dub. These forms of torture include electric shocks, repeatedly punched in the face, and the stretching of his limbs. These were probably taken out due to their violent nature.
    • This scene shows Kirby saying "Poyokay?" to Escargoon. This line is actually "You're okay?" in Kirby's poyo language.

Escargoon is badly bruised after being punched in the face by the machine.

  • In the Japanese version, when Meta Knight presses the buttons on the torture machine, they make a triumphant organ-like sound. However, in the dub version, they make a more robotic sound. This may have been to further downplay the violent nature of the machine, and to try to disassociate it from Meta Knight's actions.
  • In the dungeon scenes, a skeleton is digitally airbrushed out. A similar chained skeleton appeared briefly in Escargoon Squad.


  • At the end of the episode, Kirby breaks the fourth wall by spitting out Erasem past the iris-out star and right toward the screen.
  • Along with Don't Bank on It, this is one of the episodes that has an unresolved ending, although the fourth wall break implies that Erasem may have somehow disappeared after being spat out by Kirby.
  • In the Japanese version, when translated, Escargoon says that the Waddle Dees are turning on him and they nod, indicating that they may not have forgotten him, but remain loyal to Dedede.
  • When Escargoon is searching for someone who recognizes him, the ending theme from Revenge of Meta Knight can be briefly heard in the background.
  • In the scene where Escargoon bumps into Kirby, it is unknown if Kirby really does remember who Escargoon is, or if it is only thought that he does.
  • When Erasem works its powers on Kirby, it turns out even the iris-out star forgets Kirby and just floats around.
  • The Nintendo Anime Channel used the incorrect thumbnail for this episode; the thumbnail that is shown instead is from A Blockbuster Battle.
  • The episode's story has similarities to the famous "Pottersville" sequence in the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life.

Other languages

Language Name Translation Airdate
French Amnésie générale General amnesia Unknown
German Das Monster in Escargoon The monster in Escargoon May 25, 2004
Italian Chi è Escargoon? Who is Escargoon? August 23, 2006
Korean 잊혀진 에스 카르 곤 Forgotten Escargon March 8, 2005
Spanish (Latin America) Escargoon borrado Escargoon erased November 18, 2003