And don't forget to keep an eye out for all those Energy Spheres!
— Magolor • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Energy Spheres are golden cog-shaped gears that debuted in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They detached from the Lor Starcutter during the game's intro scene. Kirby and company decided to help Magolor out by offering to retrieve all the pieces of gears and hull parts that had fallen off the ship during the crash, while he stays behind to tend to what remains of the ship. Throughout the game, Magolor will inform the player when they have unlocked doors in his ship after they have acquired a specific number of Energy Spheres (there are 120 in total).

These are the doors that will open when enough gears are collected:

  • Sub-Games
  • Ninja Dojo (requires 15 Energy Spheres)
  • Scope Shot (requires 30 Energy Spheres)
  • Copy Ability Rooms
  • Copy Ability Room 1: (requires 20 Energy Spheres)
  • Copy Ability Room 2 (requires 40 Energy Spheres)
  • Copy Ability Room 3 (requires 60 Energy Spheres)
  • Copy Ability Room 4 (requires 80 Energy Spheres)
  • Challenge Stages
  • Sword Challenge (requires 7 Energy Spheres)
  • Whip Challenge (requires 25 Energy Spheres)
  • Hi-Jump Challenge (requires 35 Energy Spheres)
  • Water Challenge (requires 70 Energy Spheres)
  • Wing Challenge (requires 90 Energy Spheres)
  • Item Challenge (requires all 120 Energy Spheres)


  • Collecting all 120 Energy Spheres will prompt Magolor to explain the origins of the Lor Starcutter. Speaking to him again after this will have him tell Kirby that he knew of someone who knew Kirby particularly well (as well as possibly being an enemy).
    • Strangely, there are Energy Spheres present in Halcandra (specifically Egg Engines and Dangerous Dinner) even though the opening sequence depicts the Lor Starcutter losing its parts after it flees from Halcandra. This seems paradoxical, unless the vessel lost some gears right after Landia attacked it, recovering for a while, and then spontaneously exploding upon reaching Pop Star, causing it to lose the rest of its parts.
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