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Enemies are the foes that Kirby faces and fights throughout his adventures. It may refer to:

  • Regular enemy: These enemies are common and found everywhere in the games. Some intend to hurt Kirby, some do not. Most are vulnerable but several are immune to certain methods, and a few like Gordos and Shotzos are completely invincible. Most can be inhaled but a few cannot, like Scarfy and Maiga. Some provide Kirby Copy Abilities, while some do not. Some will try to ram into Kirby, often getting itself (along with Kirby) damaged, others attack him from a distance.
    • Large enemy: These enemies are a class of regular enemies. They are larger and harder to defeat than other regular enemies. Some large enemies are simply variations of smaller counterparts, such as with Big Waddle Dee. Kirby may sometimes be able to inhale them, but will need to Super Inhale in order to do so.
  • Mid-boss: These enemies are stronger than regular enemies and won't let Kirby leave until they are defeated. They always produce objects that can be inhaled and spit back at them in at least one of their attacks, with some of their projectiles giving specific Copy Abilities. When defeated, Kirby can inhale them and eat them for a Copy Ability.
  • Boss: These guys are the main enemy fought at the end of a level. They can't be inhaled, though they produce objects which can be inhaled. Like mid-bosses, sometimes these give a Copy Ability. Sometimes fighting a boss has a twist attached to it, like Dark Mind's orb form reversing the screen and controls and Kirby has to fight him upside-down.
    • Final boss: These are the last enemies Kirby has to fight in each game. They are usually the main villains of their respective games and they often play a major role in the story. Sometimes fighting a final boss has a big twist attached to it.