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Endless Explosions is the fifth floating island of Floralia and serves as the fifth level of Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

General Information

An island plagued by extremely harsh conditions, Endless Explosions lives up to its name; volcanoes are constantly erupting. Kirby must stay on his toes if he wishes to complete each stage. The pink puff will have to endure waves of mid-bosses and crushing walls to get through the level. Taranza's willingness to traverse this habitat proves his dedication to his scheme. Requires ten Sun Stones to open the boss stage.

Copy Abilities

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Sun Stones

Stage 1

  1. In the room with the Tilt Gondolas, get the Key to the left to the locked door to the right. Float above for the Sun Stone.
  2. Use Ice from Mr. Frosty to douse the Fire Blocks in the following room. This will allow access to an optional room. In the optional room, Ice Skate on the Fire Blocks to turn them to stone. Cool the Fire Blocks above to make the Treasure Chest fall down.
  3. Race the Key Dee using Wheel.

Stage 2

  1. Go into the background; in plain sight.
  2. Using Stone from Blocky, pound the Stake at the bottom of the room with Barbars. Enter the optional door. Quickly drop the Timed Dynamite, hover up, and pound all of the Stakes before it explodes. It will destroy a large Durable Block that is blocking the way to the Sun Stone.
  3. Inhale the Treasure Chest using through the second Magic Tube using Hypernova.
  4. In the next room, inhale the Land Barbar using Hypernova in order to uncover the switch in the background. Press the switch to open the gate in the foreground.

Stage 3

  1. In the second room with the moving spiked walls, skip the door by floating upward and destroying another barrel. Aim the first Cannon slightly to the left. Aim the second cannon directly up. However, in order to get the rare keychain beforehand, aim slightly to the left again. Then, aim upward.
  2. In the room with the scales, step on the scale so that the platform above the Timed Dynamite is lifted. Go to the background, pick up the Timed Dynamite, lower the platform that was just lifted, go back into the foreground, jump onto the lifted platform and place the Timed Dynamite next to the Durable Block.
  3. In the third room with the moving spiked walls, enter to door that is higher up.

Stage 4

  1. Use the 3D Tilt Missiles to hit all of the Durable Blocks in the background. Bring the Key to the locked door, and destroy the Bomb Block after the 1UP.
  2. After using Archer to destroy the Bomb Block that creates a stairway, on the top, hit a Bomb Block directly above to reveal an optional room. Hit the targets through the mouth.
  3. Between the two lava spouts while on the second lava drill.
  4. Defeat the Winged Eggers.

Stage 5

1a. In Treasure Chest after defeating Flame Galboros. Destroy the Bomb Block using Fire's Burn.
1b. In Treasure Chest after defeating Grand Wheelie. Destroy blocks using Wheel.
2a. In Treasure Chest after defeating Gigant Edge. Use Sword's Down Thrust, Drill Stab, and Upward Slash to destroy all the blocks in the way.
2b. In Treasure Chest after defeating Mr. Frosty. Use Ice's Ice Breath while on the Collapse Blocks to destroy the Star Blocks. The Treasure Chest is also on a Collapse Block, so act quickly.
3a. In Treasure Chest after defeating Blocky. Use Stone on the second Bomb Block.
3b. In Treasure Chest after defeating Hornhead. Use Beetle's Rocket Horn and Rocket Dive.
4. In Treasure Chest after defeating Bonkers. Use Hammer to destroy the Bomb Block.

Stage 6

  1. Defeat Pyribbit.

Stage 7

  1. Use the 3D Laser Bar to make sure the second Key Dee reaches the locked door safely. Destroy Bomb Blocks and volcanic debris. Behind the locked door is an optional room and a Spynum for Archer. Shoot through both mouths to hit all four targets.
  2. In Treasure Chest after defeating Grand Wheelie DX.

Rare keychains

Stage Rare keychain Image Guide
Stage 1 Skullord Rare Keychain 23.png After collecting the third Sun Stone, hover up and to the left to find a Terrain Block. Destroy it and continue going to the left.
Stage 2 Nightmare's Power Orb Rare Keychain 24.png Use Ninja's Stealth Water Gun to douse the Fire Blocks above.
Stage 3 Drawcia Rare Keychain 25.png In the second room with the moving spiked walls, skip the door by floating upward and destroying another barrel. Aim the first Cannon slightly to the left. Aim the second cannon slightly to the left again. Aiming upward will get the first Sun Stone.
Stage 4 Marx Soul Rare Keychain 26.png In the second room with the rotating walls, at the end is a Terrain Block. Destroy it.
Stage 5 Dark Matter Rare Keychain 27.png When there appears to be only one 3D Warp Star, hover above it. Ride the second 3D Warp Star. In the next room is a Treasure Chest in the background.
Stage 7 Yin-Yarn Rare Keychain 28.png In the room with the moving spiked walls. There are a few stars above a Teleporter. Hover upward quickly.


"Mountains in an Angry Sky" plays in Stages 1 and 2, in the last room of Stage 3, and in the room with the Miracle Fruit in Stage 4. "Chasing Down the Miniboss" plays in Stage 1 when fighting Mr. Frosty (if the player is no longer under the effects of the Invincible Candy, where "Invincible" plays) and in Stage 2 when fighting Blocky. "Hypernova Inhale" plays in Stages 2 and 4 after eating the Miracle Fruit. "Mysterious Trap" plays in Stages 3 and 4. "Tilting the World" plays in Stage 3 in the room with the Cannons and in Stage 4 in the room with the Rolling Slit. "Ripple Red" plays in Stage 5; this is a remix of "Ripple Star" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. "Dark Clouds" plays in Stage 6 in the first room. "Bouncing Boss Battle" plays in Stage 6 when fighting Pyribbit. "Grand Sun Stone Dance" plays upon collecting the Grand Sun Stone. Stage 7 features music from Kirby's Return to Dream Land: "Haldera Volcano" plays in the first, second, third, and sixth rooms; "Cave Exploration" plays in the room with the Rolling Slit; "Steel Hometown" plays in the fourth and fifth rooms; "VS. Waddle Tank," which is a remix of the Computer Virus theme from Kirby Super Star, plays when fighting Grand Wheelie DX.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese エバー エクスプロージョン Officially romanized as Ever Explosion.
English Endless Explosions
Korean 에버 익스플로즌 Officially romanized as Ever Explosion.
German Endlose Explosionen Translates to Endless Explosions.
French Rochers Rocambolesques Translates to Incredible Rocks.
Italian Eremo Esplosivo Translates to Explosive Hermitage.
Spanish Abrasadora Aventura Translates to Scorching Adventure.